A Typical Day at STEAM Camp

8:45 – I arrive at camp. Linden Hall student counselors meet me at the door and help my parents sign in.

9:00-9:15 – I sit with the Blue Team in morning assembly. After morning cheers and announcements, we play a quick game of Simon Says for team points. Red Team wins this one, but we will get them back next time.

9:20-10:10 – I start the day with Science. The theme for today is weather. The teacher does this really cool demonstration for how thunderstorms are formed. We then make our own small stuffed clouds. When we rub them in the dark, they spark like lightning!

10:15-11:05 – In Math, we complete a Brain Builder and then work on our week-long project to design our own playgrounds. After that, we get to choose different math stations. To go with the theme for the day, I choose a station where I create a graph to compare rainfall from the last few years.

11:10-11:25 – Snack break! I brought a granola bar from home today. Our teacher lets us take a walk in the building to stretch, and I spot Leena! I fill out a card and put it in my team’s box for points.

11:30-12:20 – My group in Engineering builds a model windmill from household objects. When I blow on it, it spins!

12:25-12:55 – At lunch, it’s taco day – my favorite!

1:00-1:55 – For Technology, we learn to code a game where the player chases a cloud with a lightning bolt. When the cloud is popped, it turns into a rainbow! I add some funny sound effects to my game.

1:55-2:45 – In Everyday STEAM, we make homemade kites and learn about flight.

2:50-3:40 – We review light refraction from earlier in the week in Art. We make reflective rainbow paper, and I understand why it works.

3:45-4:00 – I am tired after everything I did today, but that doesn’t stop me from playing another quick game to win points for my team in the afternoon assembly.

4:00 – Time to go home! I meet my parents in the lobby and they sign me out. I can’t wait to see what we do tomorrow!

2019 Camp Brochure