Linden Hall Traditions

Traditions are a cornerstone of a Linden Hall education and the campus experience. Throughout our 275 year history, many of the traditions at Linden Hall have been handed down from generation to generation and provide a connection between current students and alumnae. Participating in these time-honored traditions enhances what it means to be a “Linden Hall girl” and creates a lasting identity as a Linden Hall alumna.

linden hall students holding flags

During Convocation, students are formally welcomed back to campus by the Head of School, Director of Academic Affairs, Chaplain, Senior Mentors, and Student Council President. The accompanying flag ceremony celebrates our international students from around the world.

Lotus Walk at Linden Hall
Lotus Walk

Following Convocation, all students process to the courtyard fountain for the annual Lotus Walk. During this time-honored tradition, students of all grades assemble in rows and pass lotus flowers forward to the seniors, who place the flowers into the fountain. This symbolic act represents the passing and holding of wisdom among our students throughout the year. At the end of the ceremony, the Head of School rings the school bell to officially usher in the start of the new year.

Antique Gretna Day Photo From Linden Hall Archives
Gretna Day

Gretna Day is a hidden gem at Linden Hall. This tradition was started in 1915 to celebrate former Headmaster, Dr. Stengel's birthday in October. In October, 1919, the "day in the woods" changed location to the picnic grounds at Mt. Gretna, PA. Today it is a surprise day off in October, announced early in the morning, and students, faculty, and staff head to the woods for food, hiking, and roller skating at the Mt. Gretna Roller Rink.

Linden Hall Students Performing During the Annual Vespers Celebration

Until the 1970s, Vespers services were held every week at Linden Hall in the Mary Dixon Chapel. Today, Vespers is held in the Moravian Church around Christmastime for current students, families, and alumnae. This tradition is a celebration of the musical talents of the Linden Hall community and is the premier music performance of the year.

Linden Hall Students Celebrating Blue and White Week
Blue and White Week

Blue and White Week is Linden Hall's annual spirit week. Students and faculty are split into two teams, Blue and White, and compete in several games, activities, and contests. At the end of the week, points are tallied and the winner is celebrated during Assembly.

Linden Hall Students Celebrating Lunar New Year
Lunar New Year

Each February students in the Chinese Culture Club sponsor a Lunar New Year celebration at Linden Hall. The celebration includes songs, storytelling, dancing and musical performances by students, and ends with a traditional Dragon Parade. Members of the Linden Hall community also have the opportunity in our Dining Hall to enjoy traditional New Year's food such as crispy pork, Cantonese-style steamed fish, stir fried Bai Cai, and everyone's favorite – dumplings!

Linden Hall Student Performing During International Night
International Night

International Night takes place every year on the second Friday in March. This celebration is an opportunity for students from around the world to share their culture and showcase their many talents. In past years, our festival has featured performances representing Bhutan, China, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Mongolia, Russia, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United States.

Linden Hall Students Celebrating Mary Dixon Day
Mary Dixon Day

Mary Dixon Day is named after Alumna Mary Dixon - for whom our beautiful, historic chapel is named. The day is an annual tradition in which students are surprised with the morning off! The tradition is revealed during chapel, and the students are released to enjoy the festivities.

Linden Hall Baccalaureate
The night before Commencement begins with Baccalaureate, during which the Head of School, Director of Academic Affairs, Senior Class Mentors deliver heartfelt messages to our graduates. Baccalaureate is a time for the graduating class to reflect on their journey at Linden Hall, reminiscing together about the wonderful memories they’ve created.
Linden Hall's Annual Lantern Walk
Lantern Walk

The Lantern Walk ceremony, held following Baccalaureate on the night prior to graduation, is a rite of passage ceremony for our junior and senior girls. The passing of the lanterns signifies passing the responsibility as the oldest members of the school family down from the graduating seniors to the upcoming senior class. Following the procession from the chapel to the fountain, the junior and senior girls form a circle around the fountain, sing their class song, and the seniors  pass their lantern down to their junior sisters.

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