Boarding Programs

Linden Hall offers both Junior (grades 6–8) and Upper School (grades 9–12) Boarding Programs, as well as a Five-Day Boarding Program in all grade levels. Boarding students are encouraged to interact with day students and vice versa. Many of our domestic and international boarding students visit the homes of our day student families on weekends. These visits also provide our international students with authentic American experiences and insights into American culture and family life.

Junior Boarding Program

At Linden Hall, our college preparatory program begins in the sixth grade. Our junior boarding programs equips and prepares young women to handle the rigors of Upper School life.

Housed in Horne Dormitory, the Junior Boarding Program provides a caring environment overseen by a dedicated group of dorm parents and faculty members. Our youngest girls are given opportunities to live in a community as they learn to share space and compromise. The integration of our international population allows our Middle School girls to learn about other cultures and adapt to diversity.

Our Junior Boarders are encouraged to eat balanced meals and have assigned bedtimes appropriate to their age/grades. On weekday afternoons, dorm parents encourage outdoor activities and games when the weather permits. Both indoor and outdoor games provide physical activity and an opportunity for our youngest students to relax and get to know each other. Evening study halls are monitored by teachers, providing time for individual homework help. Frequent dorm meetings focus on life skills as well as fun activities for our 6th through 8th grade girls.

Upper School Boarding Program

Our Upper School Boarding Program provides a supportive living and learning environment for students in grades 9–12, and prepared them for dorm life in college. A significant part of a student's education is learning to live in and be part of a community. Housed in three interconnected dorms, the young women in our Upper School are nurtured toward independence.

Freshman and sophomore students are primarily housed in three quadrants of the Horne Dormitory. Each area is assigned two dorm parents and one student Residential Assistant. The majority of our junior class is housed in The Castle, one of the original buildings on campus, built in 1757, which offers suite-style living. Seniors typically live in the Senior Annex, which features single rooms that are usually assigned to student leaders.

All of our students are encouraged to participate in clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities, which keep them occupied from the end of the school day through dinner. Students who are not on the Honor Roll must attend a monitored study hall from 7:30-9:00 p.m. on weeknights. Nightly dorm meetings include learning life skills as well as fun activities.

Five-Day Boarding Program

Many girls from surrounding areas choose to board Sunday–Thursday nights and spend weekends at their family home. This option offers all the benefits of the Junior Boarding and Upper School Boarding programs during the evenings that these students are on campus.