Community Service

Giving back to the community

Community service is an integral part of the Linden Hall School curriculum and fosters character development. During the last school year, our students completed over 2,138 hours of community service.

One of our core values is civic and global responsibility. While there is a minimum community service requirement for both middle and high school, we encourage students to go above and beyond expectations. Our school partners with a number of organizations — both small and large — to provide diversified opportunities for community involvement. In collaboration with our partners, we strive to create meaningful opportunities in support of our local and global communities while offering our students comprehensive and flexible avenues to achieve their community service goals.

We recognize that community service is a phenomenal way to give back to and plug into a community as well as create a lifelong connection to valuable causes and organizations.

These are just a few examples of Linden Hall's community service activities:

  • Panda rescue
  • Hundreds of hours working with Emergency Medical Services
  • Collaborating with the Lititz Rotary, Lions Clubs, and other local non-profits
  • Mentoring younger students in the community
  • Volunteering in local nursing homes
  • Assisting with outdoor projects such as neighborhood cleanups

Making the World a Better Place, One Act of Service at a Time
By Tyler Mandrell, Class of 2018

Community service – these words imply people helping others or the environment selflessly. At Linden Hall, community service plays a big role in the lives of students. Every year, each upper school student completes 15 hours of community service, while each middle school student completes 10 hours. Linden Hall encourages students to work outside of our school community in small-town Lititz, urban Lancaster, and other places around the world.

At retirement homes, students volunteer to paint nails, run festivals, play board games, and entertain residents with musical performances. Community service opportunities are also offered through trips over the Fall and Spring breaks. In the fall of 2016, several students and faculty members headed down to New Orleans, Louisiana, to help rebuild homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina ten years earlier.

There are many opportunities for students to reach out to the community and the rest of the world and every student at Linden Hall is proud of her community service efforts.

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