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Clubs & Organizations

Linden Hall is home to several clubs and organizations open to and led by students. In addition to augmenting the student experience and providing unique leadership opportunities, clubs often become classes. Club time is built into student schedules once per week, and students may join as many social clubs as they wish. Our girls quickly realize that there is so much more to their Linden Hall experience than their daily classwork!

Club interests include social responsibility, environmental concerns, community service, literary interests, improving social and academic skills, and so much more. Want to learn about international relations? Join Model UN! Want to develop your leadership and entrepreneurial skills? Check out DECA! Want the opportunity to serve your community? Sign up for Key Club! Want to relax and enjoy a game with friends? Try our Minecraft club!

Not interested in any active clubs? No problem! Our students can create any club they would like to lead. Clubs allow students to explore their passions, develop new interests, and share their experiences with one another.

In addition to our many clubs, Linden Hall is home to several academic and social organizations, such as the National Honor Society, International Thespian Society, and more. 

Please note that the number of active clubs differs from year to year, depending on student interest. Below is a sampling of our popular offerings.


A Helping Hand!

This club focuses on learning about all aspects of mental health and how to support those around you. 

Chinese Club

This club will dive into Chinese culture and will periodically have presentations shedding light on specific areas of Chinese culture.

Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets were dedicated to sucking the marrow out of life. Dead Poets Society inherits the spirit of transcendentalism though literature. Members will come together and share different literatures.

Digital Marketing Club

This club learns digital marketing best practices, social media marketing and website management.


Linden Hall is home to a e-sports team, competing against local schools.

French Club

This club learns the culture of French-speaking countries through movies, cooking, and games.

Horse Club

Horse Club is open to all who love and/or would like to learn more about horses, riding, horse care, and horse safety.

Linden Ledger

Ledger is our school newspaper. Students can join as writers, photographers, artists, cartoonists, and editors.

Middle School Math Club

This club is for middle school students who are interested in representing LH at various math competitions.

Movie Critiquing Club

This club analyzes movies and share thoughts about directors' choices, acting, and cinematography.


Noteworthy is a student-led, audition-required acapella group. 

Spirit Club

Spirit Club helps organize themed sporting events, dress down days, and hosts events around campus to boost school spirit.

Thread of Life

The “Thread of Life” club’s goal is to learn how to knit and stitch.


This club publishes our school yearbook - Linden Leaves. Students can take photos, create text, or create the page layouts.

Animation Club

This club serves as a fun and relaxing outlet to watch various animation series together.

Club Med

This club discusses modern medicine, host guest speakers, and attend live (virtual) surgeries.

Debate Club

This club learns to analyze and construct arguments, create resolutions, and learn/debate current events.


Echo is the longest continuously published Women's Literary Journal in the country.

The F(eminism) Word

The goal of this club is to raise awareness, spread knowledge around feminism, and create a more female-friendly environment at Linden Hall.


GSA provides a safe and supportive environment to discuss LGBTQ+ topics.

Key Club

Key Club focuses on community service, social issues, and philanthropic opportunities.

Making HERstory

This club learns how women have influenced society and prosper in male-dominated field.

Minecraft Club

Come play Minecraft, build amazing things, and HAVE FUN! No previous skills required. Just come ready to participate and complete fun challenges.

National History Day Club

This club conducts research based on a specific historical theme, including world, national, ancient, or state history.

Piano Club

This club performs the piano on and off of campus and allows students to showcase their musical talents and passion.

Tabletop Gaming Society

The Linden Hall Tabletop Gaming Society is a club about exploring, learning, and enjoying card, board, and interactive games of all kinds. 

Upper School Math Club

This club strengthens student math skills and attend competitions on local college campuses.

Black Alliance Club

The Black Alliance Club is meant for black students on campus to talk about their culture and things happening on campus or outside of campus. 

Cosmetic Chemistry Club

This club combines chemistry with cosmetic science. 


DECA prepares students to be successful leaders and entrepreneurs. LH DECA was recognized at this year's ICDC.

Eco Club

This club learns about sustainability and best ways to live a cleaner, greener lifestyle.

Filming Club

The Filming Club encourages students to express themselves through filming freely. Ms. Koerne is the club sponsor, and she will provide any assistance about filming.

Hiking Club

The Black Alliance Club is meant for black students on campus to talk about their culture and things happening on campus or outside of campus. 

Kpop Dance Club

Activities will start with a base choreography to support overall dance skills and determine areas of improvement. The goal is to develop a routine and perform it at a school event.

Marine Biology Society

This club will focus on learning and diving into various marine environments. Members will gain knowledge of Marine Biology and the impact that it has on the entire planet.

Model UN

M.U.N. attends various events and participates in speech/debate competitions.

Nature Nukes Garden Club

This is a hands-on club for people interested in gardening and growing crops. The hope is to create a garden where the food grown by the club can be utilized by Linden Hall.

Speak Up! Club

This club aims to build skills to speak eloquently in front of an audience - in-person and online.

Tech Crew

Tech crew handles the lights and sound for assemblies, theater performances, and musical performances on campus.

Visual Voice

This club is dedicated to creating art and murals around campus.


Donegal Mentors

Donegal Mentors travel to local middle schools to mentor young students.

National Honor Society

Linden Hall's NHS inducts members based on the society's four pillars: scholarship, service, character, and leadership.

Honor Council

The Honor Council is responsible for upholding Linden Hall's Honor Code and reviews any potential violations.

Peer Tutoring

Students tutor fellow Linden Hall classmates who need additional help in specific subjects.

International Thespian Society

ITS instills honor, pride, affirmation, and inspiration for actors.

Student Council

Members of the Student Council have the opportunity to engage in leadership opportunities with fellow students.