Events on Campus

The Linden Hall school year is full of events both during and after school as well as on weekends. From Vespers to our pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, take a look at some of the exciting events that have occurred on campus this year!

2022 Vespers

Vespers has been a highlight at Linden Hall since our founding in 1746. Deeply embedded in the Moravian tradition, early Vespers services were completely sacred. More recently, however, the programs have begun to include both sacred and secular music. Similarly, Bible verses are now augmented by poetry readings.

Our Vespers program involves a series of live musical and dramatic reading performances by Linden Hall students. The public is always welcome to attend for free, and no reservations are needed. This year's event was also streamed on YouTube for those who preferred to attend virtually.


2022 Turkey Trot

Just before Thanksgiving, our annual Turkey Trot offered a wonderful opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to display both their athletic prowess and their school spirit!

This fun run is a Linden Hall tradition and a great way to engage with one another before a well-earned Thanksgiving break!


2022 Fall Play

On November 4 & 5, Linden Hall presented "A Dickens’ Christmas Carol: A Traveling Travesty in Two Tumultuous Acts" by Mark Landon Smith. It was not a typical retelling of the holiday favorite; rather, it was a comedic performance which our audience loved!

All our plays are open to the public, so stay tuned for updates about future student performances!


2022 Gretna Day

On October 17, our girls celebrated Gretna Day, an annual Linden Hall tradition that has become one of the year’s most exciting highlights.

2022 marked the first time since 2019 that our older students were able to visit the Mount Gretna Roller Rink to enjoy the full “Gretna Day experience.” Meanwhile, our younger students participated in a series of fun on-campus activities.


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