Aviation Program

The Sky is the Limit at Linden Hall

Following in Linden Hall's longstanding tradition of innovation in the education and empowerment of young women, our signature Aviation Program provides girls the opportunity to explore the field of aviation. The program introduces young women to the knowledge, skills, and in-flight training to obtain their private pilot's license while still in high school. Created for Linden Hall by airline pilot and certified flight instructor Pete Maniscalco, the program provides a unique application of classroom concepts including engineering, physics, and math. 

Course of Study

The program consists of eight modules. Each module is required to be completed to be eligible for a private pilot certificate. Supplemental modules can be added if students require additional training. Classes meet on a weekly basis, during or after school, and on the weekends.

Each module consists of:

  • Five hours of flight training
  • Five hours of one-on-one ground school
  • Use of Linden Hall's reserved Cessna 150
  • All program materials

For more information regarding Linden Hall's Aviation Program, contact the admissions office. 

Meet the Instructor

 Captain Peter Maniscalco is a Certified Flight Instructor with several decades of experience, as well as a parent of a   Linden Hall alumna.  An American Airlines Pilot for over 30 years, Captain Maniscalco has served in his current   position for the past 23 years of his career.  


 At present, he commands a Boeing 777 on flights to international destinations including Argentina, Brazil, the   United Kingdom, and Japan.  Additionally, he has been Pilot in Command of other Transport Category Aircraft,   including the Boeing 727, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, and McDonnell Douglas DC-10.



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