"Linden Hall gave me a small community of caring, nurturing people in such an empowering environment. Here, I gained the confidence to try new things and get out of my comfort zone." - Lily C. '21, Day Student.

Whether a boarding student or day student, the Linden Hall experience is characterized as being surrounded by a supportive community where every girl is valued and known as an individual by her peers and our faculty. Here, young women are encouraged to discover and pursue their individual interests, develop their unique skills and talents, and prepare for leadership roles in their future lives.

As you become a part of the Linden Hall family, you will be surrounded by nurturing and caring mentors, advisers, and friends. You will be part of a diverse community of lifelong learners who truly care about each other and the world around them.

Living at Linden Hall

Find out what the Linden Hall experience as a boarding student is all about.


Linden Hall features several student-let clubs on campus. 

Community Service

Our students logged 7,115 community service hours last school year. Find out how our students are changing the world around them.

Aviation Program

Did you know you could graduate from Linden Hall with a diploma and a pilot's license? 

Dining Services

Meals at Linden Hall feature dishes from all around the globe. 

Events on Campus

From water balloon tournaments to badminton tournaments, check out the several activities happening on the LH campus.

Health and Wellness

Learn about Linden Hall's initiative to promote health and wellness among students.

Meet the Team

Meet the people who make the Linden Hall experience so special.


From Blue & White Week to Gretna Day, from Mary Dixon Day to International Night, Linden Hall is full of tradition. 

The Essence of Linden Hall

Voices of Linden Hall

"During my 7 years at Linden Hall, I met so many amazing people from across the street to across the world."

- Rocka, '21

"I fell in love with the all-girls environment because I have a support system that is always there for me and I feel like I can do anything without being judged."

- Humayra, '21

"Linden Hall knows how to balance life's difficulties with life's experience of joy. We have always been good at that. Gretna Day is even more proof of this!"

- Kathy, '72

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