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Linden Hall Happenings

May it please the court. In this trial, the plaintiffs proved two points. One, that Andy's teasing wasn't just innocent fun. ... Imagine you find out that your child is suffering from psychological abuse, and the school district you pay taxes to is aware of it, and did nothing, and the faculty members joined in ridiculing your child, along with the tormenter. —Student prosecutor closing statement

Linden Hall students, outfitted in business attire instead of their usual kilts and khakis, recently gathered in the school's formal board room as part of the annual eighth grade mock trial unit. One group debated the above case about whether a school district should be held responsible for alleged cyberbullying that occurred outside of school.

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Tyler Mandrell a Linden Hall senior and swimmer from Lititz, has committed to swim for the University of Chicago. Linden Hall hosted a signing ceremony on Wednesday, February 28 for Tyler and her parents and coaches.

Tyler intends to major in either physics or chemistry at the University of Chicago. She was drawn to the top-ranked university by its highly regarded Core Curriculum.

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