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Linden Hall Happenings

Nora Workman's 3D Art class marked the last day of classes by hanging a sculpture they created in the rear stairwell of the Evita Allen Center for Academic Excellence. The collaborative lesson resulting in this piece included researching ideas, drawing designs, and voting for one to create together. The piece's materials include sculptures made of plaster-impregnated gauze wrapped around an inflated ball and painted with acrylic and faux copper leaf, a bicycle rim, and retired climbing ropes donated by Linden Hall biology teacher Scott Zanar, who is also a rock climbing teacher off-campus.
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A record number of Linden Hall students, 35, were inducted into the National Honor Society at Linden Hall on April 25: six seniors, 17 juniors, and 12 sophomores.

"Being a member is a way of life. It's being a scholar, a leader, a community servant, and person with integrity. Those of us who are already members and those about to join our ranks are girls who, on a daily basis, try to make the world around us a better place," said Senior Seraphina Thorpe.

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