Planned Giving Options

Please refer to the Gift Options Chart below describing many gift types; but donors should consult with his or her advisors to ensure which gift type achieves their desired effect.

If you would like to... Then you should consider... How to: Benefits:

Make a gift now that is easy and convenient

Giving from cash income or securities


Write a check; donate securities by contacting Debbie Hurd at 717-626-8512 x 109 or


A cash gift can be given by writing a check. A gift of securities allows one to contribute stock as a gift to the school, without owing any capital gains tax.


Make a substantial gift now with little out-of- pocket cost


Donating appreciated securities or an existing insurance policy with cash value



Please contact Debbie Hurd at 717-626-8512 x 109 or




Have a major impact on the future of Linden Hall School while preserving your cash income.


Make a gift that takes effect at the end of life





A Bequest





Write a will or add a codicil.


Assets remain within your reach if needed.


Avoid capital gains tax


Give appreciated property, either securities, real estate, or certain personal property


For gifts of securities, please contact Debbie Hurd at 717-626-8512 x 109 or


Give appreciated property and conserve cash for other uses.


Make a gift that provides stable and secure income for retirement


Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA)


Transfer cash or property subject to a Charitable Gift Annuity agreement with Linden Hall.



A fixed income at generous levels, guaranteed by Linden Hall School.


Make a gift that hedges against inflation


Charitable Remainder Unitrust


Execute a trust that pays a set percentage of trust assets as valued each year.



Income is variable, rising when trust increases in value, and shrinking with trust assets.



Make a gift that pays future retirement income at elevated level


Deferred CGA


Transfer property now; specify start of income at anticipated retirement.



A 50-year-old's annuity, deferred for ten years, could offer a higher rate of income than when initially established.



Share assets with family while avoiding estate taxes



Charitable Lead Trust


Create trust to hold assets that will pay income to the school for a specified time, and then distributes to individuals.



Several years' worth of income payments to the school, then assets distributed to other beneficiaries of trust.


Give to several organizations


A Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Lead Trust that benefits a range of organizations


Please contact a Personal Advisor.


You can retain the right to alter the beneficiaries of a charitable remainder trust.



Avoid double taxation on retirement plans



Designate part or all of a Retirement Plan to charitable organizations



Designate retirement plan assets for Linden Hall and earmark other, less-heavily-taxed assets for heirs.



Tax savings, and increased inheritance for family and the school.


In addition to these types of planned gifts, individuals may receive benefits from gifts made from retirement accounts, real estate, appreciated property. Family foundations and donor-advised funds also may provide benefits to donors interested in maximizing impact to the School and/or managing tax obligations.

Information concerning giving options or tax benefits, provided by Linden Hall School is of a general educational nature only and does not constitute, or substitute for, legal advice. Please seek competent legal advice regarding how any gift to the school might affect your personal situation.