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Join us in this unique opportunity to support our young Linden Hall sisters in impacting our world.

The Class of 1969 is investing our Legacy Gift in Linden Hall's pioneering Makerspace Program

The Makerspace offers young women the skills, confidence and passion in science and technology that wasn’t as available to women of our generation.

Students learn engineering, robotics, and coding, incorporating them into all subjects. They create, solve problems and learn in a hands-on environment, preparing them in a well-rounded way for careers that will advance our world and solve our impending problems.

In the United States:

  • 50% of college-educated women are in the workforce, but only 29% of scientists and engineers are women.
  • Fewer than 10% of women who are racial minorities are employed as scientists and engineers.

Where will our donations go?

The program instructor, Michele Archer, has identified a list of equipment that would best prepare students for their futures. Key among them is a 3D printer, a machine that is already solving real-world human problems. (other needed technology)

3D printers are used to create everything from homeless shelters for families... a new ear for a boy missing one.



What are the students saying?

"The Makerspace is a sanctuary."Kaylee, 9th grade

"The Makerspace is a place for collaboration, innovation and imagination where I was encouraged to think outside the box, share ideas and take risks!"Nicole, Class of 2018