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Welcome International Parents

International Parent Resources

We are so happy that your daughter will be joining the Linden Hall family this year. Please read the New Student Information Packet to ensure you've completed all requirements to start the school year. To download any forms or documents your daughter will need before coming to the school visit our Parent Resource page.

For suggestions of how to pack for your daughter download the what to bring list.

Integrating our school community

The purpose of international students attending Linden Hall is to acquaint them with American life and to perfect their English. To better integrate our international students into our school community and to assist them in mastering the English language, Linden Hall has adopted an English only policy. English must be spoken at all times when the student is on campus, including during study hall and after hours in dorm rooms.

As with certain other violations, students who fail to practice this policy will receive “pink slips.” Depending on the number of pink slips received, students can receive a Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 response for violating the English Language Policy.

Health insurance policy

Linden Hall requires all international students to have International Student Accident and Health Insurance coverage through ACE America Insurance Company. The required plan is the Gold Plan.

Summary of coverage and enrollment forms may be obtained online at www.isminc.com. All insurance coverage must be in place before your daughter begins the academic year at Linden Hall. Coverage is required for all international students attending Linden Hall.

The highlights of ISM ISAH benefits include:

  • No annual deductible
  • Easy payment by MasterCard, Visa, check or money order
  • Freedom to choose the physician and hospital of your choice
  • Enrollment for one month to twelve months of coverage
  • Online enrollment available