Riding Facilities

  • An adventurous cross-country course
  • Lush turnout paddocks with sheds
  • The stables and riding facilities at Linden Hall are conveniently located on campus, just steps away from the dormitories.

The Kaitlin E. Haughey Stable

The Kaitlin E. Haughey Stable, named in honor of the 2006 alumna, contains:

  • A spacious 20-stall center aisle stable with heated tack room
  • School-owned show quality horses suitable for riders of different skill levels

The Tsuzuki Indoor Ring

The Tsuzuki Indoor Ring is named in honor of Asuka Tsuzuki, Class of 1996. This competition level 80' x 200' indoor riding ring contains a grand viewing deck and comfortable lounge.

Outdoor Ring

Large outdoor ring with all-weather footing


In the May 1925 Echo, riding at Linden Hall is mentioned for the first time. "Riding is a new and popular sport at Linden Hall. The school maintains its own stables and though the horses are spirited, they have been trained until they are quite gentle and safe. There is not a horse of the old 'hack-horse' variety in the stables."