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"All the world's a stage." ~ William Shakespeare

The Theater Department believes it is essential to provide the skills needed for those students who may want to pursue careers in communication. It is our goal to assist each student in developing poise and grace when speaking/performing in public.

Based on Pennsylvania’s Standards for the Arts and Humanities, Linden Hall’s Acting Class helps students gain a theoretical and practical understanding of acting disciplines and vocabulary. Relaxation, self-awareness, concentration, voice, body movement, mimetic impulse, truthfulness, as well as spontaneity are learned as students explore these concepts through physical and vocal warm ups, improvisations, text explorations, scene study, and fully-realized productions.

Middle School Drama

Linden Hall’s Middle School Drama class allows 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls to experience the joys of performance. Students participate in the audition process, learn theater discipline through improvisation and drama exercises, and perform a full-length play. Theater vocabulary and the geography of the stage are also explored.

Upper School Drama

Introduction to Theater

While primarily an acting course, Introduction to Theater provides an overview of Western theater traditions. This studio course focuses on developing poise and confidence. Vocal technique is developed through various exercises. Students are encouraged to attend amateur and professional productions at a number of local universities as well as world-class theater companies. Students will become familiar with basic stage geography, movement, and terms associated with the theater. While geared to the novice actress, this class is strongly recommended for ESL students and any student seeking to gain confidence with public speaking. While it is not required, students are advised to take this introductory course prior to electing our Acting class.


Because this course is designed to reflect the experience of the class, students may elect to take this course more than once. The course teaches a practical understanding of the actor’s craft, discipline, and vocabulary. Relaxation, concentration, voice, body movement, and spontaneity are gained through physical and vocal warm-ups, scene study, improvisation, and more. Using the work of Robert Cohen, students will become acquainted with various acting techniques. By becoming self-aware, students become confident when asked to speak publicly and when performing.

Upcoming Productions

Coming in February, our Middle School presents fun for the entire family...

Fractured Fairy Tales

Theater News

Communications Staff

Tyler Mandrell '18 and Catherine Chen '19 earned all-state honors at the PIAA championship meet on March 15.

Tyler placed 12th as part of the 200 medley relay, 13th in the 100 backstroke, and 16th in the 50 freestyle. Catherine placed 20th in the 100 free. Both girls were both part of the 400 freestyle relay, which placed 11th and re-broke the Warwick High School record.

Tyler will receive all-state honors for all four of her events, and Catherine will receive all-state honors for the 400 free relay.

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Lisa W. Romano

Linden Hall advanced in the State Tournament for the second year in a row, with a 56-34 victory Saturday afternoon at Warwick High School over the Southern Fulton Indians from Fulton County.

Seven Lions scored: Tahri (19); Hetta (10); Anya (10); Jumoke (8); Marta (6); Naomi (2); and Favour (1).

"We always play a lot of players and last night was no exception," said Coach Robert Kauffman.

The Lions committed just three turnovers all night en route to their victory. They put the finishing touch on their opponent by forcing five turnovers and two missed shots to begin the second half of play. Anya Miller made her first start for the Lions after breaking her ankle five months ago.

The next round will be Wednesday, March 14, at a venue to be announced.

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Communications Staff
The 2018 Linden Hall Archery Team included: top row (left to right): Raina Teter, Allana Hayden, Kelsey McMillin, Coach Hayden, Cathy Liu, Lena Swartzentruber, Coach Angi, Sarah Quiros, Rehema Karuri, Valentina Liu , Rachel Ho, Sydney McMillin, Demi Uwechue, Manasbi Bista. Bottom row (left to right): Daisy Cai, Andrea Brogunier, Siran Rao, Evelina Sentypal, Helen Vo, Adel Mudrova, and Abi McMillin.

The Linden Hall Archery Team finished at 11th in the High School Division at the Pennsylvania State Finals.

While the Linden Hall archers will not advance to the Nationals, they did achieve a best-ever team score of 3,196. There 41 schools with 1,000 archers competing in the High School, Middle School and Elementary Divisions. The venue was very impressive with 200 archers shooting at 100 targets at one time.

SIYI (CATHY) LIU Score: 277
High School Girls Rank: 23 out of 153
11th Grade Girls Rank: 7 out of 38
Overall Girls Rank: 29 out of 390

LENA SWARTZENTRUBER Score: 275 High School Girls Rank: 25 out of 153
12th Grade Girls Rank: 4 out of 29
Overall Girls Rank: 34 out of 390

JIAHUI (DAISY) CAI Score: 272 High School Girls Rank: 36 out of 153
9th Grade Girls Rank: 14 out of 51
Overall Girls Rank: 53 out of 390

ANH (HELEN) VO Score: 271 High School Girls Rank: 43 out of 153
11th Grade Girls Rank: 13 out of 38
Overall Girls Rank: 61 out of 390

RAINA TETER Score: 269
Middle School Girls Rank: 22 out of 163
6th Grade Girls Rank: 4 out of 38
Overall Girls Rank: 74 out of 390

Middle School Girls Rank: 25 out of 163
8th Grade Girls Rank: 13 out of 74
Overall Girls Rank: 83 out of 390

Middle School Girls Rank: 30 out of 163
8th Grade Girls Rank: 16 out of 74
Overall Girls Rank: 93 out of 390

SIRAN RAO Score: 262
Middle School Girls Rank: 46 out of 163
6th Grade Girls Rank: 7 out of 38
Overall Girls Rank: 123 out of 390

High School Girls Rank: 77 out of 153
10th Grade Girls Rank: 19 out of 35
Overall Girls Rank: 129 out of 390

Middle School Girls Rank: 54 out of 163
7th Grade Girls Rank: 18 out of 51
Overall Girls Rank: 139 out of 390

High School Girls Rank: 82 out of 153
9th Grade Girls Rank: 30 out of 51
Overall Girls Rank: 141 out of 390

Middle School Girls Rank: 69 out of 163
8th Grade Girls Rank: 35 out of 74
Overall Girls Rank: 175 out of 390

Middle School Girls Rank: 75 out of 163
8th Grade Girls Rank: 38 out of 74
Overall Girls Rank: 187 out of 390

RACHEL HO Score: 253
High School Girls Rank: 107 out of 153
12th Grade Girls Rank: 17 out of 29
Overall Girls Rank: 193 out of 390

Middle School Girls Rank: 88 out of 163
7th Grade Girls Rank: 28 out of 51
Overall Girls Rank: 213 out of 390

High School Girls Rank: 124 out of 153
12th Grade Girls Rank: 22 out of 29
Overall Girls Rank: 237 out of 390

Middle School Girls Rank: 113 out of 163
6th Grade Girls Rank: 21 out of 38
Overall Girls Rank: 260 out of 390

Middle School Girls Rank: 115 out of 163
6th Grade Girls Rank: 22 out of 38
Overall Girls Rank: 265 out of 390

Featured Archers
#1 Cathy Liu, 277
#2 Lena Swartzentruber, 275, a personal best and +1 point improvement
#3 Daisy Cai, 272
#4 Helen Vo, 271, a personal best and +9 point improvement
#5 Raina Teter, 269
#10 Evelina Sentypal, 260, a personal best and +5 point improvement
#17 Valentina Liu, 244, a personal best and +1 point improvement

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Communications Staff

Linden Hall's Tyler Mandrell and Catherine Chen, members of the Warwick High School swim team, have qualified to swim in the state meet. Tyler will compete in the 100-meter backstroke, the 50-meter freestyle, the 200-meter medley relay, and the 400-meter free relay. Catherine will compete in the 100-meter freestyle and 400-meter freestyle relay. This news also appeared in the Lititz Record:

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Lisa W. Romano

May it please the court. In this trial, the plaintiffs proved two points. One, that Andy's teasing wasn't just innocent fun. ... Imagine you find out that your child is suffering from psychological abuse, and the school district you pay taxes to is aware of it, and did nothing, and the faculty members joined in ridiculing your child, along with the tormenter. —Student prosecutor closing statement

Linden Hall students, outfitted in business attire instead of their usual kilts and khakis, recently gathered in the school's formal board room as part of the annual eighth grade mock trial unit. One group debated the above case about whether a school district should be held responsible for alleged cyberbullying that occurred outside of school.

The other argued a consumer case against a coffee company claiming that the company was negligent in serving coffee at too high a temperature so that it burned a customer. The eighth graders used high-school level mock trial materials for their research.

Teachers in civics and English classes led the preparation and trial as a cross-curricular project, highlighting skills and aspects that pertained to their specific subjects. Students were assessed on their demonstration of skills in in both areas, including: usingpersuasive, formal language; defending assertions with evidence; public speaking; team work; leadership; questioning; improvisation; critical thinking; and offering constructive feedback.

"All the students demonstrated skill in making and proving arguments as well as improvisation and extemporaneous speaking," said Dr. Jack Dwiggins, the eighth graders' civics teacher. "They can all be proud of themselves for taking on such an advanced project."

Students worked in teams to build their cases, and during the trials, the class not arguing the case acted as jurors

for the other class. When the jurors announced their verdicts, they also gave feedback to the other team. Linden Hall sixth graders were able to watch the trials and hold their own jury deliberation in their history class.

English Department Chair Mara Pritchard noted that the mock trial project followed the students' reading of To Kill a Mockingbird in her class.

"Through our reading of To Kill a Mockingbird, students had an understanding of the challenges faced by witnesses and attorneys. They were also aware of how important it is for attorneys and witnesses to appeal to jurors," said Ms. Pritchard. "Students enjoyed the opportunity to argue their own trials and act as jurors for one another. Jury deliberations were exciting. I could tell that each juror paid careful attention to the trial and had strong opinions about which team should win."

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Linden Hall prides itself on alumnae who have gone on to study at NYU's TISCH School, the Actor's Studio, The London Academy and more.

Past productions have represented a variety of plays and musicals including an original adaptation of Little Women and an original musical that meshed Mo-Town with Star Trek. Our actresses were challenged with Coward's Blithe Spirit and Moliere's The Imaginary Invalid. Our Drama Queens Competition Team performed cuttings from Lysistrata and The Laramie Project.

Past Productions Include:

Faith County
Steel Magnolias (2002)
HONK! (2003)
Louisa May Alcott's Little Women*
The Sound of Music
Daisy Pulls It Off
Anne of Green Gables
Peter Pan
Murder in the Magnolias
Wilde, Wilder, Wildest
Our Town
Charlotte's Web
The Laramie Project*
Blithe Spirit*
The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged)*
A Midsummer's Night Dream (2009)
Crimes of the Heart
Jane Eyre
The Curious Savage
Twelfth Night
The Actor's Nightmare
All the King's Women*
Anne Frank and Me
The Secret Garden
Our Miss Brooks
The Homecoming
The Wind in the Willows
The Imaginary Invalid
The Hobbit
Steel Magnolias (2013)
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
Children of Eden*
Nine Girls
The Little Princess
HONK! (2015)
Silent Sky
Midsummer Night's Dream (2016)
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Marmee's Journal