Theater at Linden Hall

"All the world's a stage" ~ William Shakespeare

The Theater Department believes it is essential to provide the skills needed for those students who may want to pursue careers in communication. It is our goal to assist each student in developing poise and grace when speaking/performing in public.

Based on Pennsylvania’s Standards for the Arts and Humanities, Linden Hall’s Acting Class helps students gain a theoretical and practical understanding of acting disciplines and vocabulary. Relaxation, self-awareness, concentration, voice, body movement, mimetic impulse, truthfulness, as well as spontaneity are learned as students explore these concepts through physical and vocal warm ups, improvisations, text explorations, scene study, and fully-realized productions.

Middle School Drama Courses

Linden Hall’s Middle School Drama class allows 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls to experience the joys of performance. Students participate in the audition process, learn theater discipline through improvisation and drama exercises, and perform a full-length play. Theater vocabulary and the geography of the stage are also explored.

Upper School Drama Courses

Introduction to Theater

While primarily an acting course, Introduction to Theater provides an overview of Western theater traditions. This studio course focuses on developing poise and confidence. Vocal technique is developed through various exercises. Students are encouraged to attend amateur and professional productions at a number of local universities as well as world-class theater companies. Students will become familiar with basic stage geography, movement, and terms associated with the theater. While geared to the novice actress, this class is strongly recommended for ESL students and any student seeking to gain confidence with public speaking. While it is not required, students are advised to take this introductory course prior to electing our Acting class.


Because this course is designed to reflect the experience of the class, students may elect to take this course more than once. The course teaches a practical understanding of the actor’s craft, discipline, and vocabulary. Relaxation, concentration, voice, body movement, and spontaneity are gained through physical and vocal warm-ups, scene study, improvisation, and more. Using the work of Robert Cohen, students will become acquainted with various acting techniques. By becoming self-aware, students become confident when asked to speak publicly and when performing.

Faith County



Linden Hall prides itself on alumnae who have gone on to study at NYU's TISCH School, the Actor's Studio, The London Academy and more.

Past productions have represented a variety of plays and musicals including an original adaptation of Little Women and an original musical that meshed Motown with Star Trek. Our actresses were challenged with Coward's Blithe Spirit and Moliere's The Imaginary Invalid. Our Drama Queens Competition Team performed cuttings from Lysistrata and The Laramie Project.

Past Productions Include:

Faith County
Steel Magnolias (2002)
HONK! (2003)
Louisa May Alcott's Little Women*
The Sound of Music
Daisy Pulls It Off
Anne of Green Gables
Peter Pan
Murder in the Magnolias
Wilde, Wilder, Wildest
Our Town
Charlotte's Web
The Laramie Project*
Blithe Spirit*
The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged)*
A Midsummer's Night Dream (2009)
Crimes of the Heart
Jane Eyre
The Curious Savage
Twelfth Night
The Actor's Nightmare
All the King's Women*
Anne Frank and Me
The Secret Garden
Our Miss Brooks
The Homecoming
The Wind in the Willows
The Imaginary Invalid
The Hobbit
Steel Magnolias (2013)
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
Children of Eden*
Nine Girls
The Little Princess
HONK! (2015)
Silent Sky
A Midsummer Night's Dream (2016)
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Marmee's Journal