Dance at Linden Hall

Dance is a universal language that can be understood by individuals from every part of the world. Linden Hall offers an academic dance class, a dance team, and a dance club, as well as private instruction.

There are many opportunities for students to perform throughout the academic year including:

  • Drama productions
  • International Night
  • Lunar New Year Festival
  • Concerts

In addition, the Dance department arranges for students to attend local and regional performances in an effort to fully immerse students in the performing arts.

Academic Dance Class

In this course, students learn the basics of multiple styles of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, and modern. The history and vocabulary of these styles will be explored and applied in the studio setting. Students will spend approximately 75-80% of their time in the studio and 20-25% of their time in the classroom. Participation in Dance includes attending and producing performances, including the opportunity to showcase students' original choreography. Students are graded on studio work, theory, choreography, and performance. Students must commit to the Dance course for one semester, but have the option of continuing throughout the year. Dance is an interdepartmental course that may count each semester for either 0.5 credits in the Art Department or 0.5 credits of Physical Education.

Dance Club

Dance Club is an extracurricular dance studio experience. Classes are 75 minutes and are available in several different dance styles. They are designed to further a student's technique and artistry in their selected style.

Linden Hall Dance Team

The Linden Hall Dance Team performs at school sporting events and off-campus competitions. Team members will learn choreographed routines, group or solo, that will strengthen their performance skills and develop a strong sense of teamwork. Students who commit to an entire academic year of Dance Team will receive 0.5 Physical Education credits. Students interested in joining the Dance Team will need to attend auditions at the beginning of the season in August.

Private Lessons

Independent study and private lessons are also available to interested students. Please contact Dance Instructor Travis Love to discuss details.