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... the women who have shaped our school, supported our students, and lived our mission. Although you have continued on your journey through life beyond Linden Hall, you remain an important member of the Linden Hall extended family.

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Dr. Jean Cunningham Smith, '62

“I will always recognize that LH taught me to be a student, how to relate to teachers as friends, and enabled me to achieve success in college, as well as enter a professional class of 75 men as one of only 10 women and succeed. Not to mention come out with a husband who I have had for 49 years. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I worked hard and never looked back.” 

- Dr. Jean Cunningham Smith, '62 

Mrs. Mary Ann Shipherd Hazen, '48

“My experience at Linden Hall was very important to me as it was the first time away from home and I meet a lot of girls that I kept in touch with for a long time. I was allowed to bring my own horse with me too, which was a plus and had a roommate whose family volunteered to board him over the summers. My chemistry class and the teacher headed in my desire to study that in college.”

- Mrs. Mary Ann Shipherd Hazen, '48

Mrs. Carol June Livingston Hedges, '70

“Food was excellent while attending LH. Enjoyed the dinner service and small group settings at the tables. Enjoyed being at LH for 4 years and still keep up with my roommate of 4 years!” 

- Mrs. Carol June Livingston Hedges, '70

Ms. Diana (HOA) Than, '21

“Linden Hall environment gave me the courage to pursue my passion in and outside of school. I learned that nothing is impossible.”

- Ms. Diana (HOA) Than, '21

Mrs. Melody Hult Wagener, '64

“LH changed my life. I will always hold it in my heart!”

- Mrs. Melody Hult Wagener, '64

Ms. Gretchen Godfrey, '67

“I would not be who I am today if it had not been for Linden Hall.”

- Ms. Gretchen Godfrey, '67

Ms. Ahsa Sadhukhan, '21 

“Without coming to LH, chances are I would still the shy girl in the back of the classroom who never raised her hand. I have grown into a confident individual due to the supportive environment.” 

- Ms. Ahsa Sadhukhan, '21 

Mrs. Lucinda Hall Anderson, '71

“Linden Hall was, by far, more beneficial to me than college. I am so grateful to my parents for their sacrifice to send me to LH.”

- Mrs. Lucinda Hall Anderson, '71

Mrs. Jennifer Darrell Huntley, '07 

“Keep helping girls excel and achieve!” 

- Mrs. Jennifer Darrell Huntley, '07 


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