Why a Girls' School?

"The all-girls' environment of Linden Hall was one of the most supportive and empowering atmospheres I have ever been in. Everybody really loves each other, and it just felt like one big family." — Lily C. '21

The research is clear — girls learn better and achieve more in an all-girls' school. Students at all-girls’ schools are more involved in leadership roles, spend more time on schoolwork, and achieve higher test scores than girls at co-educational private and public schools. They also have higher self-esteem and a greater sense of self-worth that is founded on factors other than physical appearance. Those at all-girls' boarding schools report feeling more valued, having a higher satisfaction level, and receiving more attention than their co-educational school peers.

When thinking about the question, "Why should I choose an all-girls' school for my daughter?" it is important to understand the true value of an all-girls environment. To help better understand this value, check out the video to the right created by the International Coalition of Girls' Schools!

An all-girls environment offers unique advantages for middle school students. Learn more about how Linden Hall can assist your grade 68 child in reaching her fullest potential.



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