New Student Referral Program

Current families are often our best advocates, and we want to recognize and thank all the wonderful students, parents, and guardians who promote Linden Hall in their communities. We are pleased to offer a New Student Referral Program, which offers a benefit to both the new family and the current family.

As a current family, if you refer a new student to Linden Hall and she enrolls, both you and the new family will be eligible for a one-year tuition credit in the following amounts:

New Day students:

One $750 tuition credit to the enrolling family for one year
One $750 tuition credit to the referring family for one year

New Boarding students (5-day or 7-day):

One $1,500 tuition credit to the enrolling family for one year
One $1,500 tuition credit to the referring family for one year

Additional Information

• Tuition credits are awarded for referring new families to Linden Hall; existing or
returning families are not eligible to be referred. To qualify for the tuition credit,
referred students cannot have a sibling who currently or previously attended
Linden Hall.

• A family may not refer their own child. However, if a family has two or more
students enrolled at the same time, a sibling discount will automatically be applied.
Please see our Tuition & Financial Aid page for details and amounts.

• The new student must list the name of the referring student/family on her
application form in the provided space, and/or on her inquiry form, to receive the
tuition credit. The referring family (current Linden Hall family) must complete a
brief online form
prior to the new student being offered admission in order to
receive their tuition credit. Referral credits shall not be awarded retroactively.

• Referral credits are not renewable or transferrable. The referral tuition credit has
no cash value and will be applied as a tuition credit to the family’s Blackbaud
Tuition Management Account for the upcoming academic year. Credits cannot be
applied to students who have graduated from Linden Hall or otherwise separated
from the school, or who do not have a Blackbaud Tuition Management account.

• The tuition credit for new students will be listed on the enrollment agreement and
applied to the first enrollment period. Tuition credits for the referring family will be
applied to the family’s Blackbaud Tuition Management Account by the end of
Quarter 1 (Fall enrollment) or Quarter 3 (Spring enrollment) in the school year the
new student matriculates, provided the new student arrives on campus and
attends classes, and is current with their tuition payment plan.

• A current family can earn tuition credits for referring multiple new students, but
the total award is limited to a current family’s annual tuition amount less any
financial assistance from the school. Referral credits cannot be applied to
incidentals or fees.

• The New Student Referral Program is subject to review, modification, or suspension
at any time at the school’s sole discretion. Interpretation of program parameters
will be at the discretion of Linden Hall.