Merit Scholarship Policy

Each year, Linden Hall recognizes the most exceptional applicants in our pool with a Merit Scholarship award. All applicants are automatically considered for a Merit Scholarship and no separate application is required.

Merit Scholarship recipients are selected by the admission committee from our Priority Admission pool. Students who apply after the Priority Admission deadline (January 15) will be considered for remaining scholarship funds, if any. All new applicants are eligible; returning students are not considered for Merit Scholarships.

Beginning with the Fall of 2023 entry term, Merit Scholarships are renewable for each year that a student maintains a high level of academic and community achievement. Merit Scholarships are also “stackable” meaning they are awarded on top of any need-based financial aid.

Merit Scholarship Amounts and Criteria
Linden Hall is pleased to provide Merit Scholarships in the following amounts. The most
prestigious awards may include support from endowed funds.

• 10% of tuition=Up to ten (10) awards available each year
• 15% of tuition=Up to six (6) awards available each year
• 20% of tuition=Up to four (4) awards available each year
• 25% of tuition=Up to two (2) awards available each year

Students who are selected for a Merit Scholarship will have a deadline to accept their award. Awards that are not accepted by the deadline are returned to the pool to be awarded to other candidates.

Students may be selected for a Merit Scholarship based on:

Academic Merit: Either a combination of grades, test scores, and teacher evaluations; or a combination of grades, graded work submitted with the application (for candidates taking advantage of our test flexible policy), and teacher evaluations. Typically, candidates selected from this category have a GPA of at least 3.7 (“A-” average), scores that place them in the top 15%, and strong support from their teachers. Emphasis is placed on the most recent coursework. If there are extenuating circumstances impacting your grades such that they are not reflective of your capabilities, including illness, relocation, or a family situation, we invite you to confidentially share details by phone or email so we may fairly evaluate your candidacy.

Exceptional Community Engagement: A strong level of academic achievement coupled with documentation of a remarkable contribution to the community. Typically, these students have maintained a GPA of 3.3 (grades of “B” or better) while demonstrating exceptional and notable engagement in their community in areas such as student leadership at school, service beyond the school community, passion for and involvement with a project of significant meaning, or a long-term and impactful commitment related to an important issue. Students who feel they would be contenders for a Merit Scholarship under these criteria may send a short email of additional information to the Admissions Office, if they feel their qualifications are not adequately highlighted in their application. Newspaper articles, links to short (<2 minutes) videos, samples of writing or artistic work, and other supporting items are always welcome.

Questions? Please contact or call +1-717-626-8512.