Tuition & Financial Aid

Annual boarding tuition covers instruction, housing, all meals in the dining room, health and wellness center services, use of athletic facilities, access to the library, and admission to all school concerts, assemblies, and athletic competitions. Day student tuition covers all of the above with the exception of housing and some meals. The annual tuition does not include optional off-campus and weekend activities, nor the required school uniform. Books, athletic equipment, and special services (e.g., private music lessons) are billed separately.

Tuition 2024–2025

Tuition for the full 10-month academic year (mid-August through late May)

Day Students $29,208
5-day Boarding Students $55,995
7-day Boarding Students $65,930
Midyear 2025 Tuition

Tuition for second semester only. Midyear transfer students then return for the following academic year at the full-year tuition rate.

Day Students $17,525
5-day Boarding Students $33,597
7-day Boarding Students $39,558


NOTE: Beginning in the 2024-2025 school year, tuition amounts listed above include the annual set-up fee for the student’s online tuition management account, fees for required programs such as Membean Personalized Vocabulary Instruction, school day lunch for all students, additional meals (breakfast/brunch/dinner) for boarding students based on boarding option selected, and unlimited use of laundry facilities for boarding students. Please scroll down to “Additional Fees & Expenses” on this page to see other costs not included in tuition.



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