Day Student Program

The Day Student Program at Linden Hall is designed to prepare highly motivated young women from Lancaster, Berks, York , Lebanon and Dauphin Counties for college and successful lives beyond. About 40% of Linden Hall students are day students, commuting from more than 30 Pennsylvania towns.

Transportation is provided by local school districts within a 15-mile radius, and Linden Hall offers van transportation from Berks County. Students from areas more than an hour away may wish to consider our five-day and seven-day boarding programs.

Day students have the unparalleled opportunity to learn and grow with peers from around the world as part of a global community. They may participate in weekend activities and are fully integrated into school life. It is common for day students to host friends who board for weekend visits or school breaks. Many have continued their friendships beyond Linden Hall and have visited friends in their home countries.

To learn more about Linden Hall's Day Student Program and admission requirements, please contact us at or 717-626-8512.

Day Student Program Highlights

Enrollment: Day students are 40% of our population (approximately 80 students)

Test Scores: 4.1 (5-year AP score average); 1350 (average SAT score, class of 2018)

Curriculum: Linden Hall offers a comprehensive and rigorous college-preparatory curriculum with project-based learning, a full range of AP courses, and the opportunity for an individualized course of study in the upper grades.

Average class size: 12

Student Body: Represents 37 countries, 13 states, and more than 30 Pennsylvania towns

Technology: Linden Hall has a Bring Your Own Device program. Each student chooses and purchases her own laptop to use at school, within our technology requirements.

Extracurricular Activities: Athletics, arts, riding, clubs, and more!

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Community Scholarships are awarded annually to our top day students, and Financial Aid is available for families who qualify based on their information submitted through the SSS by NAIS application.