Test-Flexible/Test-Optional Policy

Linden Hall is pleased to offer a broadly accessible testing policy. Our goal is to put the student first, and to offer her an array of options to demonstrate academic ability and potential. In addition to our test-flexible policy which accepts several common standardized tests, we also offer students a test-optional choice to submit recent, graded work as evidence of academic achievement. We find these methods to all be equally helpful in evaluating and placing students in classes that best challenge them while setting them up for success. What does this mean for you? Submit whatever you feel shows you at your best!

Review the options below and email us at admissions@lindenhall.org if you have any questions.

Group A: Students who have been educated in the US/Canada in a fully English-based curriculum for at least 5 years should submit one of the following:

• SSAT scores (Character Skills Snapshot encouraged, but optional); or

• ISEE scores; or

• PSAT scores including subscores (typically high school candidates); or

• ACT scores including subscores (high school candidates); or

• SAT scores including subscores (high school candidates); or

• State-level testing less than 18 months old (e.g., PSSA, MCAS, STARR, NYSTP); or

• Recent, graded academic work (see below for instructions); or

• Other standardized test (e.g., CAT, Iowa Assessments) – please contact us by email to discuss options before submitting.

Students who wish to submit recent, graded academic work must submit all of the following:

1. A graded English or other humanities essay of at least 250 words that includes visible teacher comments/feedback along with the final grade, and is dated within the last three (3) months, and

2. A graded math assessment of at least 8 problems (quiz or exam, not homework assignment) dated within the last three (3) months that shows the math problem, the student’s answer, preferably written work showing how the student arrived at the answer, and teacher marking/comments, and

3. Details about their current math textbook such as title, author(s), and edition. Most students simply take a photograph of the front page of their textbook.

Please scan as three separate documents and email to admissions@lindenhall.org. Allow up to five business days for the appropriate item on your checklist to be marked as Completed.

Group B: Students who have been educated outside the US/Canada at any point in the last 5 years are asked to demonstrate English proficiency via:

• TOEFL; or
• Duolingo English online.

These students do not need to submit any additional scores. While the TOEFL iBT remains our most consistent English placement option, most of our applicants choose to submit Duolingo English online due to accessibility and cost. Regardless of the test submitted at the time of application, all students will sit for a TOEFL exam on campus during Orientation.

Please note that our English as a Second Language (ESL) Department strongly prefers TOEFL iBT and Duolingo English online to IELTS and urges candidates to submit one of the two preferred scores. Our ESL Department is not able to consider TOEFL Jr. for admission purposes for any grade.

Students who feel they need not demonstrate English proficiency should email us at admissions@lindenhall.org to explain their situation. If approved for an English proficiency waiver, they will instead be directed to fulfill one of the options for Group A.