Upper School

Continuing on the path to college and beyond

As a leading college preparatory school for girls, Linden Hall is committed to the highest degree of academic achievement. With small class size, a diverse student body, and an all-girl focus, Linden Hall delivers an environment where students experience not just individual attention but an individualized course of academic study with purposeful guidance.

The Upper School (grades 9–12) curriculum focuses on preparing young women to succeed in college and beyond. The academic excellence achieved by Linden Hall’s Upper School students is reflected in their outstanding SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) Exam scores. The 5-year average (2012-2018) AP exam score of a Linden Hall student is 4.1, far outpacing the national average, and 93% of Linden Hall students who took AP Exams in 2018 earned a 3, 4, or 5.