Our Current Tech

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3D Printers

Students can learn the art of 3D printing on one of our MakerBot Replicators. Our 3D Printing, STEM, & Engineering Club offers students the opportunity to collaborate on creative design and engineering solutions.

Ideum Pro Table

The Pro is Ideum's most powerful high-performance interactive table. It offers a workstation computer and limitless options for expandability.

SMART Boards

Every teacher is equipped with his or her own SMART Board, which is an interactive technology which encourages and facilitates student engagement during class.

Lunch Tab

Our Lunch Tab catering software provides a dedicated point-of-sale application, meal-planning tools, parent account management facilities, and enhanced security all while facilitating a completely cashless school environment.

High-performance Computers

Linden Hall offers several high-performance laptops and desktops which our future engineers utilize during their coding classes.


Our Yamaha TF3 Mixing Board is a state-of-the-art, 24-input digital console allows our students to gain real-time sound mixing experience during plays, recitals, and other school events.