Every Linden Hall classroom is equipped with SMART Board, interactive whiteboard technology. Linden Hall supports parents' and students' individual choice regarding technology tools by employing a Bring Your Own Computer program. This reduces waste by not requiring the purchase of a second device if a student already owns one. Allowing students to choose their own devices increases involvement, fluency of use, and responsibility toward technology.

One Schoolhouse

Through our affiliation with One Schoolhouse, formerly Online School for Girls, Linden Hall is able to expand curricular offerings to our students. One Schoolhouse expands on Linden Hall's personalized course of study by offering a single-gender girls' environment that connects girls to each other through meaningful collaboration in online learning.

Girls can add to their course of study at Linden Hall by choosing from a variety of academic and AP courses including:

  • AP Macroeconomics
  • AP Music Theory
  • AP Art History
  • AP Environmental Science
  • Linear Algebra
  • Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP Computer Science A
  • Geometry (Summer Session)

Bring Your Own Computer Requirements

The following are current Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) requirements for grades 6 - 12:

Required Hardware

  • Laptop PC, or Surface tablet (with full-sized keyboard) with Windows 8.1 or 10
  • Macbooks running 10.9 (Mavericks) or later
  • USB 3.0/3.1 Support
  • Wireless Internet Connectivity (Wireless ‘N’ or ‘AC’)
  • Long Lasting Battery. A device should be able to be operational throughout the school day
  • Power Adapter

Hardware Recommendations

  • PC: Intel i5 or AMD equivalent (or higher) processor, 4 Gigabytes RAM (minimum), up to date replacement warranty, Windows 10 is highly recommended
  • Mac: 13” screen or above, 4 Gigabytes RAM, Extended AppleCare (3 years)
  • Solid State Disk (SSD): On either platform, an SSD eliminates long startup times and is highly recommended.
  • 5 GHz Capable Wireless: Although 2.4 GHz wireless is supported, 5 GHz offers more channel space and allows communication with more devices at once. We recommend that your laptop have dual channel wireless capability. All current Macs include this, however with PCs, this is less common.

Required Software

  • Up to date antivirus software
  • On PCs, a ‘reinstall’ disc of Windows in the event of failure or virus/malware infection
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Web Browser - Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari
  • Common plugins (Flash, Silverlight, Java, etc.)
  • Five licensed copies of Microsoft Office 365 are provided to each student. You need not purchase this.
  • Wireless Internet access is provided by Linden Hall

Additional Information and Recommendations

  • Families may wish to investigate warranty and/or replacement programs for their student’s device. Most manufacturers or vendors will offer a basic warranty, however purchasing an additional warranty to protect against accidental damage (cracked screens/cases, spilled drinks, missing keys, etc.), should be considered.
  • Linden Hall does not provide any warranty or repair services for any student-owned device – this is the responsibility of the student and/or her family.
  • Apple offers a significant educational discount to students from Linden Hall. For selection and pricing, use this link, go to ‘Find Your School’ and use ‘Linden Hall’, Lititz, PA 17543 as the institution and address.