The Middle School

The Middle School empowers girls grades 6–8 as learners, leaders, and friends, laying a strong foundation for success in our college-preparatory High School program. 

Our innovative curriculum features science courses such as Forensic Science and Engineering, as well as a Women in History course that cultivates the study of Greek.

In Middle School, students engage in a variety of project-based learning experiences that connect multiple disciplines. For example, our Civics course includes an in-depth examination of elections and participation in a mock trial. Our Middle School students also begin studying their world language of choice and enroll in math courses appropriate to their level, which may include upper school courses. English courses incorporate the development of confident public speaking and fluent writing.

Outside the classroom, through small-group advising, field trips, arts and athletic opportunities, and community service, our middle school students develop at their own pace in the physical, social, and emotional realms. And, they have fun! 

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Piper '26

"Linden Hall has given me a once in a lifetime learning opportunity and a chance to meet new people from all around the world. From learning to dining, the community at Linden Hall makes everything you do so much better."

- Piper '26

Alex, '27

"The behavior of students is just phenomenally better than when I was at public school. We can sit in class without someone making a comment or interrupting, we can walk in the halls without walking in lines, and the teachers are just much nicer. Overall, it is just a calmer, safer environment."

- Alex '27

Technology at Linden Hall:

We fully integrate the use of technology into our curriculum. Instead of asking our students to turn off their electronics upon arrival, we ask them to "power up." We want them to use the tools native to their generation in ways that support their learning and exploration of new ideas. Scientific apps, mathematical modeling tools, databases, spreadsheets, music, and design programs all play a role in helping our students apply real-world skills in analytical and creative ways that advance their understanding of the topics being studied.

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