Summer Reading

Reading is an integral part of a student’s ongoing education and development at Linden Hall. The summer months are the ideal time to take a step away from the pressures of the school year to explore new worlds and topics. Reading the same books as other Linden Hall students, faculty, and staff fosters a sense of community by providing a shared experience to be discussed and explored together.

Each summer, Middle and Upper School students are asked to read two books. One book is written by our visiting author, and the other is the student's choice from the Choice Books list. Each girl is encouraged to choose a book that is new to her and is at a level that she is comfortable reading. Parents are encouraged to join in this shared experience with their daughter and read her community and choice book selection alongside her.


Summer Reading Days are an opportunity for the Linden Hall community to celebrate the books on the summer reading list. Students, faculty, and staff will come together for lively discussions and fun themed activities.


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