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Continuing on the path to college and beyond

As a leading college preparatory school for girls, Linden Hall is committed to the highest degree of academic achievement. With small class size, a diverse student body, and an all-girl focus, Linden Hall creates an environment where students experience not just individual attention but an individualized course of academic study with purposeful guidance.

The High School (grades 9–12) curriculum focuses on preparing young women to succeed in college and beyond. The academic excellence achieved by Linden Hall’s High School students is reflected in their outstanding SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) Exam scores. The 5-year average AP exam score of a Linden Hall student is 4.1, far outpacing the national average.

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Julie, '21

"I love the teachers of Linden Hall, who are all so supportive and passionate about what they are teaching. Even outside of the classroom, they are life mentors for the students."

Julie '21

Louise, '21

"I am really grateful for Linden Hall's emphasis on cultivating students to think independently. All teachers and students encourage and inspire each other to be bold and confident in every way. If you value education and want to become a powerful woman, why aren't you already here?!"

- Louise '21

Lily, '21

"Looking back at my time here, I liked the conversations that we were able to have. In many of my classes, we brought present day events into our class discussions, and we had to learn how to have these difficult conversations respectfully and intelligently. We also did school wide forums, in which we were able to discuss topics like race, gender, etc. with students in all grade levels. Now that I think about it, those are some of the most meaningful discussions from my time here that I wouldn’t have had at a public school."

- Lily '21

Technology at Linden Hall:

We fully integrate the use of technology into our curriculum. Instead of asking our students to turn off their electronics upon arrival, we ask them to "power up." We want them to use the tools native to their generation in ways that support their learning and exploration of new ideas. Scientific apps, mathematical modeling tools, databases, spreadsheets, music, and design programs all play a role in helping our students apply real-world skills in analytical and creative ways that advance their understanding of the topics being studied.

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