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Linden Hall’s mission is to provide excellence in the education of young women in a diverse community, on or off campus. LH Virtual Academy explores how we bring this mission to life online and demonstrates our commitment to academic excellence in a virtual environment. LH Virtual Academy will continue to meet our mission of educating and empowering young women through our online experience, providing a robust virtual learning experience outside of the classroom.

Distance Learning At Linden Hall

LH Virtual Community

We may not be able to celebrate on campus, but Linden Hall continues to celebrate our seniors and their success! Congratulations Class of 2020 yard signs now decorate local seniors yards, as well as the Linden Hall campus, and the streets of downtown Lititz. 

Congratulations Class of 2020! We love you!

Linden Hall's teachers are known for their amazing teaching skills, but many of them also have many other talents!

Spanish Teacher Senorita Davis is known for her love of sewing and knitting. She can often be seen on campus relaxing while knitting a special gift for someone. She decided to put her skills to use to help out Linden Hall staff members as well as members of the local Lititz community. She diligently hand-sewn several face masks for both our dining and maintenance staff. The extra masks will be donated to delivery drivers and members of the Linden Hall community.  

Thank you, Ms. Davis!

The Linden Hall dining staff are always well-loved by students on our campus. Chef Maggie and Chef Becky and their team always go above and beyond to bring our students delicious meals, snacks, and treats. During these difficult times, the dining staff has continued to go above and beyond for our boarding students who had to remain on campus. 

Those students thoughtfully wrote our wonderful dining team thank you notes and then decorated the dining hall bulletin board to surprise them! We are so grateful to all of our on-campus Staff for their efforts to go above and beyond during this unusual time. 

We lover our Linden Hall community!

Chef Maggie and Chef Becky kept a Linden Hall tradition alive to celebrate our Linden Hall seniors who remained on campus. They prepared a special meal and decorated the dining hall to hold a senior dinner for our senior boarding students who weren't' able to travel home. We are sad we can’t be with all of our Seniors to celebrate their amazing accomplishments, but we are so proud of all of you!

Thank you, Chef Maggie and Chef Becky! 

 A few furry friends from Linden Hall’s barn joined faculty & staff virtual tea time! Our faculty & staff were happy to be joined by our school goat, Oliver, and one of our horses, Edward, or as Ms. Dennis, Director of Enrollment Management, calls him her “noble steed.” Linden Hall barn animals are beloved members of our community!