Arts Guild


Linden Hall is pleased to support its most engaged student artists through the Arts Guild, a special recognition for students who are exemplars to their peers and who are committed to and involved in the arts at Linden Hall.

Students are recognized in the spring of their junior year at the annual Arts Exhibition.

Students recognized as members of the Arts Guild with a concentration in Visual Arts:

  • Participate in arts coursework each year, culminating in at least 3 credits in visual arts classes at the end of the junior year. Art History coursework may be included as one of these credits.
  • Complete or plan to enroll in an AP-level studio art program prior to graduation from Linden Hall.
  • Attend weekend activities focused on the arts, as they are offered: art shows, gallery visits, and museum trips.
  • Actively participate in one of the visual arts clubs.
  • Attend workshops and master classes as offered by Linden Hall.
  • Demonstrate support for peer artists by attending Linden Hall campus exhibits and the all-school Arts Exhibition.


Lyet Gallery

Lyet Gallery is an established display space where students experience each other's work on a daily basis. View some of our students' work here.

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