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Theater at Linden Hall

"All the world's a stage" ~ William Shakespeare

The Theater Department believes it is essential to provide the skills needed for those students who may want to pursue careers in communication. It is our goal to assist each student in developing poise and grace when speaking/performing in public.

Based on Pennsylvania’s Standards for the Arts and Humanities, Linden Hall’s Acting Class helps students gain a theoretical and practical understanding of acting disciplines and vocabulary. Relaxation, self-awareness, concentration, voice, body movement, mimetic impulse, truthfulness, as well as spontaneity are learned as students explore these concepts through physical and vocal warm ups, improvisations, text explorations, scene study, and fully-realized productions.

Linden Hall prides itself on alumnae who have gone on to study at NYU's TISCH School, the Actor's Studio, The London Academy, and more!


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