Advising and Support

Each student is assigned a faculty member to be her advisor. To facilitate success at school, the advisor serves as the liaison between the student, her family, and the School faculty and administration. Advisory groups meet weekly for group discussions about various topics. Advisors give out report cards, discuss grades, act as advocates, and take a special interest in each of their advisees. Advisors are not licensed counselors and do not provide mental health care service, but can assist in obtaining services for a student or making recommendations to the School Counselor and/or Dean of Students about their concerns.

Academic Help is available throughout the week as a special time for students to meet with their teachers for unstructured help. Teachers are all in their classrooms, and students visit with questions about homework, to continue a discussion from class time, or for a study session before a test. This is also a time when classmates collaborate across sections of a class or advanced students in a subject area help other students with the supervision of the teacher.

A peer tutoring program is offered across academic disciplines. Peer tutoring enhances the communication and leadership skills of advanced students while benefitting those students who need some extra time focusing on a subject area. Peer tutors are coordinated by the chair of each department. Tutoring may happen during the school day if students share a free period, after school, in the dorms, or on weekends.

Linden Hall maintains a list of adult tutors available to meet with students on campus if families are interested in investing in support beyond that offered through Academic Help with the teacher and Peer Tutoring. Our tutors can work with students on study skills and organization, math, science, writing, and ESL. If a student has a need that extends beyond what we are able to offer, Linden Hall has good relationships with several local tutoring agencies and can coordinate additional time on campus with outside tutors.