Linden Hall is dedicated to providing multiple levels of curricular sophistication to ensure that each student is challenged by a course of study that is individualized just for her. Middle School and Upper School students alike are taught by the finest department faculty, who guide and prepare students for life at a four-year college and beyond. Our girls benefit from enriching coursework and opportunities for advanced study. We strike a balance between academic excellence and a supportive community, encouraging girls to thrive and grow in bold ways as they prepare for college and for life.

What does technology look like at Linden Hall? We fully integrate the use of technology into our curriculum. Instead of asking our students to turn off their electronics upon arrival, we ask them to "power up." We want them to use the tools native to their generation in ways that support their learning and exploration of new ideas. Scientific apps, mathematical modeling tools, databases, spreadsheets, music, and design programs all play a role in helping our students apply real-world skills in analytical and creative ways that advance their understanding of the topics being studied.

Upper School

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Middle School

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Our girls have access to a space for individual learning, reading, and research.

College Counseling

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Academic Support & ESL

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