Fast Facts

Year Founded: 1746

Average Class Size: 10

Enrollment: 208, Grades 6–12 and PG

Boarding/Day: 63%/37%

Countries and Territories represented: 45*

States represented: 13* (including the District of Columbia)

Pennsylvania Towns: 37

AP Courses: 18

Average AP Score: 4.1 (five-year)

SAT Average score: 1350 (2017-18)

SAT Middle 50% (Class of 2019): 1210–1435

Technology: BYOD program

Financial aid: 53% of students receive need-based aid

Signature Programs: Riding, Aviation, Summer Camps

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math): Curriculum begins in 6th grade, with engineering courses and use of the Makerspace

Boarding Options
5-day or 7-Day options
Junior Boarding Program (Grades 6–8)

Day Student Transportation
Available in Lancaster County, Berks County, and the Hershey area

College Acceptance Rate
100% — view Matriculation List

*most current number available.