The English department at Linden Hall is dedicated to bringing the world to our students through literature. We read and analyze classic and contemporary literature from around the world. We believe that the more students read and write, the more they will empathize and think critically.

Students' work in literature courses is informed by cross-curricular study in other academic areas: history, the arts, math, and science. Through interdisciplinary study, students understand how genre, history, form, and content influence and impact one another. At each grade level, students engage in both short-term and in-depth, long-term writing assignments. Our students become more successful communicators through reflective, analytical, expository, and creative writing.

The English Department also emphasizes oral communication skills. At each level, students participate in age-appropriate group work and class discussion. Students regularly give presentations and speeches in English classes.

Student speeches are the capstone of the English department's speaking and listening instruction. Each 10th, 11th, and 12th grade student gives an annual speech to the Linden Hall community. Speeches are 2-5 minutes long and reflect student passions, opinions, and experiences. In addition to giving students authentic public speaking experience, school speeches provide a platform for students to share their opinions, perspectives, and advice. Parents may attend their daughters' speech, or request a video of a speech by contacting the English department ahead of time.

Juniors and seniors take ownership of their learning in English by selecting elective courses that appeal to their interests and develop their talents. These courses offer deep analysis in specific areas of focus within the discipline, allowing students to explore topics that ignite their passion for literature.


The Echo, Linden Hall's literary magazine, is published annually in the spring and features student writing and visual art. Dating from 1897, the Echo is the oldest continually published women's literary magazine in the United States.