COVID-19 Resource Page

Linden Hall is closely monitoring the outbreak of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. We are following updates and guidance from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), WHO (World Health Organization) and the PA DOH (Pennsylvania Department of Health). We are also monitoring information from NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) and are in communication with other schools throughout the country.

It remains our top priority to put procedures and resources in place, to minimize the possible spread of COVID-19. The Linden Hall COVID-19 Task Force continues to meet weekly regarding new developments related to the spread of COVID-19 and implement safety procedures across the Linden Hall campus. This resource page will provide you with updates every Tuesday.

COVID-19 Response Plan

  • 2020-21 School Year
  • Boarding Students

We have a few updates for you from the Office of Student Life.

An email was sent out from Ms. Solomon, our Dean of Students, with important information for boarding students specific to arrival dates. Families can review that message and details, by clicking here.

We are in the process of updating Blackbaud for the 2020-2021 School year and, while we're exploring what the daily schedule will look like with safety and social distancing in mind, student academic schedules will be ready soon. Our Registrar, Ms. Anderson, will be in touch as those schedules become available. If your schedule has a conflict or is missing a class, Ms. Anderson has already sent you an email; please respond to her in a timely manner if that is the case. 

Lastly, on behalf of our uniform company Flynn O'Hara, please order school uniforms items early this summer. The company's uniform stores have only just opened up again and they expect to be swamped with orders. As in previous years, the Parent's Association plans to host a used uniform sale in August. Stay tuned for more information. 

  • 2020-21 School Year
  • Safety Procedures

As many of you know, we have a COVID-19 Task Force that has been working diligently to develop and plan protocols and procedures to ensure a successful 2020-21 school year. As we move forward with implementing these initiatives, we want you to have open and honest communication about our plans as we implement safety procedures and plan to have students and faculty return to the campus in the fall. Community members should be on the look-out for an email being sent out shortly that will explain our plans in further detail and including a survey link for parents to share with us their comfort and interests in different modes of learning for the fall. 

We are planning to have students return to campus this fall. As of this week, all indications are that it will be possible to have students on campus for part of the time or all of the time. At the moment, we’re not certain what we will be allowed to do, so this might include segments of the school community in classrooms at designated times, a hybrid of in-person classes and classes that are at a distance, or times for the entire student body to have synchronous class time either in-person or online and asynchronous guided learning. While we will not be issuing tuition credits for those students who aren’t able to return to campus in the fall, we are ready and able to support all students’ learning to keep them on track until they are able to join us here on campus. No matter what it looks like, Linden Hall anticipates a year of extraordinary education for our girls. We will continue to keep student experience at the top of our minds as we define the coming year and will keep you updated as plans finalize.

While we can’t wait to see our girls’ smiling faces, returning to campus this fall will look different. Safety procedures and protocols will be in place in order to ensure the safety of all students, faculty, and administrators. Steps will be put into place to monitor symptoms of those on campus, which may include frequent temperature checks. There will be frequent surface cleaning in classrooms and common areas. Students, faculty, and administrators are all expected to wear facial masks when indoors and are expected to adhere to social distancing guidelines. We will share more details as we continue to meet with and learn more from our healthcare experts at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health (LGH) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. All students and faculty will undergo training on these procedures during orientation week.

Parents of boarding students should look for additional, robust communication from Ms. Natasha Solomon, Dean of Students, and the Residential Life Office later this week about how we anticipate our return-to-campus process and procedures specifically for our boarders. Her letter to you this week will include information about dates for student return and specific information for boarders about quarantine plans, safety procedures, and schedules, and activities.

We are not only excited to welcome you safely back on the Linden Hall campus, but we can also report that Lititz and the surrounding community are continuing to follow safety guidelines as some of our favorite downtown businesses reopen, and we should shortly be entering the Green Phase. We cannot wait to see our entire community again, and we look forward to sharing additional details with you in the coming weeks!

  • 2020-21 School Year

We are very excited to announce our formal plans to reopen Linden Hall for the 2020-2021 School Year. These past few months have been extremely challenging and difficult for everyone, and we are thrilled to share some positive news about returning to our beautiful campus in Lititz, PA.

Linden Hall is on schedule to have our students (returning and new) present on campus for the start of the fall semester as planned in August. Please know that the safety and well-being of our school community is our main priority. Much research, consideration, and planning has gone into developing the protocols and procedures for the 2020-2021 year by our COVID-19 Task Force. Our return to campus will look different from prior opening years; however, these procedures are being put in place to protect our students and faculty. While you will continue to receive information throughout the summer addressing our new safety procedures for daily life at Linden Hall, we have information below to share with you regarding the start of the school year and our plan for meeting the needs of all our students so that you can begin to make your plans.

Please click here to read more about our plans for reopening in the fall.

  • Distance Learning

Now that the school year has ended, we have taken some time to reflect on our successes with our transition to distance learning and have started planning and engaging on ways to improve our virtual learning programs and technology as we look to the fall.

Overall, our distance learning program was a success as teachers and students quickly adapted to our virtual learning platform and continued classes, keeping our students engaged and eager to learn. Our parents have also expressed their gratitude for our distance learning program saying, “Linden Hall really did a great job by quickly putting students on distance learning in the midst of uncertainties surrounding the pandemic. That is very commendable, and LH deserves a lot of praise. As parents we are really impressed.”

We are also proud to report that even with a quick transition and multiple variables, the excellence of a Linden Hall education remained unaffected. Our teachers continued to provide exemplary lessons and maintained our high learning standard. One parent explained, “The entire program worked well for our daughter. She has adjusted well and personally this has allowed for more self-care time. We had an hour-plus commute (each direction) prior to the shelter-in-place order and the school’s decisions to continue with online instruction. Therefore, our family has greatly appreciated the transition and support coupled with the continued high-quality education.”

Albert Einstein said, “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity,” and we have taken the opportunity to examine what worked well in our distance learning program, what we can improve, and what aspects of our community are the most important.

Community Connections

Here at Linden Hall, our small community and the connections formed between students, parents, teachers, and staff are some of the many benefits of attending Linden Hall. We celebrate that the connections made on campus, prior to the quarantine, persisted through our use of technology during distance learning. Our students are always eager to learn and constantly are engaged in the classroom, but we learned they also missed their social connections and community times. Therefore, it was vital for us to prioritize synchronous classes twice a week, as well as establish virtual community group times, such as Assembly and Chapel.

Organization and Communication

Organization and communication are a high priority in our community and are important in providing consistency and clarity for students, parents, and teachers, so that everyone remains on the same page with our students’ educations. As we look towards the new school year in the fall, our community can expect to see increased organization in Blackbaud and other resources, as well as increased communication as our plans develop.

Learning Stayed on Track

We are forever proud and grateful for both our students and teachers who responded quickly and flexibly to our changes and transitions to distance learning in the middle of the school year. Our teachers quickly adapted lesson plans to our virtual learning program and worked with their students to help keep them engaged and on track. Our students, as always, rose to the challenge and remained invested and engaged in their learning and courses. With this, we were able to end the school year successfully, kept grades on track and released report cards on time.

Although things will continue to look different this fall, Linden Hall is invested in continuing to provide an excellent education and a supportive community. During this time, our teachers and administrators have engaged in their own learning and continue to do so in order to provide the best programs and support to students when they return in the fall. We continue to use national resources from NAIS, NCGS, PAISBOA, and ADVIS to learn from other professionals on distance learning resources and practices and how to keep our community safe and healthy. Linden Hall is crafting professional development resources specific for Linden Hall teachers, so that in July they can begin preparing themselves to put their best foot forward in the fall.

As always, we are grateful to our entire Linden Hall community and its support! We continue to update and improve our programs and procedures as we seek more resources and learn more about the best ways to navigate the new normal. We will continue to keep our community updated moving forward.

  • 2020-21 School Year

You’ve asked and we have answers. As we prepare to open the school this fall, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs). This week as we update our community at Linden Hall, please find a list of FAQs and answers by clicking here.

Campus Safety Updates