About Linden Hall

275 Years of Excellence in educating girls

Founded in 1746, Linden Hall is the oldest independent boarding and day school for girls in continuous operation in the United States. With a diverse student body representing 38 countries and 14 states, Linden Hall nurtures curious and creative thinkers, fosters leadership, and empowers girls to excel. They graduate well-prepared for their chosen colleges and for the lives and careers that await them.

Linden Hall's distinctive offerings distinguish our school from many others, and provide our students with individualized opportunities that allow them to follow their intellectual and extracurricular passions — and explore future careers.


The Makerspace — a building dedicated to hands-on work, in engineering and robotics classes and in all subject areas


Public Speaking — incorporated into in our English Curriculum


The Arts at Linden Hall — a comprehensive arts curriculum augmented by an annual visual arts show, twice-annual theater productions, frequent music and dance performance opportunities, and proximity to visual and performing arts offerings in Lancaster and Philadelphia


Aviation at Linden Hall — at nearby Lancaster County Airport

The Riding Program — for all levels


Educating young women is in our DNA. In the United States, the education and empowerment of young women began and continues with Linden Hall.

The Moravian tradition of educating young women was based on the principles of "The Father of Modern Education," John Amos Comenius. His revolutionary ideas included education for rich and poor, boys AND girls.

Comenius believed that education is an instrument to train individuals to seek the truth and recognize it when found. Today, we continue to apply these principles to provide an unparalleled educational experience for young women.

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