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Empowering Girls to Excel for over 275 years

The remarkable girls of Linden Hall have been defying expectations since 1746. Our students pilot airplanes, build robots, recite Shakespeare, psychoanalyze Batman, win chemistry competitions, design murals, and make friends from across the globe. Linden Hall has empowered girls to challenge themselves intellectually, and colleges and universities from around the world seek out Linden Hall students for their curiosity, compassion, academic excellence, and commitment to serving others. 

"Linden Hall is a place where girls thrive because there are no limits to who they are or can be." - Tahri, '19


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Rocka, '21

"During my 7 years at Linden Hall, I met so many amazing people from across the street to across the world."

- Rocka, '21

Humayra '21

"I fell in love with the all-girls environment because I have a support system that is always there for me and I feel like I can do anything without being judged."

- Humayra, '21

Kathy '72

"Linden Hall knows how to balance life's difficulties with life's experience of joy. We have always been good at that. Gretna Day is even more proof of this!"

- Kathy, '72

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