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The Visual and Performing Arts are an integral part of human culture and education. Historically, they have served as a means of storytelling, religious enhancement, social documentation, and personal expression. Ultimately, the Arts reflect the conventions of the society in which they are created. At Linden Hall, we teach an appreciation for historic and contemporary Arts through hands-on experiences and art history. We strive towards nurturing each student's creativity and celebrating individuality.

Linden Hall students are encouraged to:

  • Understand the cross-curricular connection between the Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math, as part of the STEAM curriculum, as well as relate the Arts to the fields of English and History, and apply their knowledge;
  • Embrace the influences of their International peers;
  • share their talents beyond the classroom through exhibitions and performances.

Programs of Study


Students at Linden Hall have the opportunity to participate in Dance as either an academic course worth a half-credit in either Physical Education or Art or as an extracurricular activity. Only one academic course in Dance is offered per semester, however students may audition for the Linden Hall Dance Team and receive 0.5 credit in Physical Education for a full-year commitment.

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Music classes at Linden Hall develop comprehensive musicianship with a focus on musical literacy and development. We believe that all students are musical by nature and have tremendous potential to learn and enjoy music. Students may take music courses for credit and also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular music activities such as Sinfonia, Musea Chamber Choir, and Community Musicians.

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As William Shakespeare once said, "All the world’s a stage." The Theater Department believes it is essential to provide the skills needed for those students who may want to pursue communication careers. It is our goal to assist each student in developing poise and grace when speaking/performing in public. Course offerings include:

  • Introduction to Theater
  • Acting

Click here to visit the Theatre Department page.

Visual Arts

Linden Hall offers a wide range of visual arts classes, from studio classes in the Middle School that explore media—including painting, drawing, and sculpture—to Upper School coursework in a variety of disciplines. Courses in the Visual Arts include:

  • Middle School Art
  • Foundations of Art
  • Ceramics
  • Photography
  • 2D Visual Art
  • 3D Visual Art
  • AP Studio Art - 2D Design (studio work)
  • AP Studio Art - 2D Design (photography)
  • AP Studio Art - 3D Design
  • Art History

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Arts News



Eva Hain, Urchin, Ceramics

Susie Yan, Shark's Eye, Ceramics

Honorable Mention:
Josefina Colantoni, Ceramic Soup, Ceramics
Leslie Fan, Reincarnation, Sculpture
Yizhuang Jiang, Exit, Printmaking
Yatong Zhang, The Bathroom, Drawing


Gold Key:
Eva Hain, Urchin, Ceramics

Honorable Mention:
Josefina Colantoni, Ceramic Soup, Ceramics
Ziyi Geng, Rhythm of Nature, Painting
Susie Yan, Shark's Eye, Ceramcis


Nia Allen, Nia, Digital Photography
Harleen Chaudhary, Self-Portrait, Film Photography
Fatima Retana Harb, Untitled, Digital Photography
Nora Mayer, Untitled, Digital Photography
Alexandra Popielarksi, Self-Portrait, Digital Photography

Shelby Colson, Self-Portrait, Digital Photography
Chloe Hain, Untitled, Film Photography
Nora Mayer, Primary, Digital Photography
Lourdes Posadas, Untitled, Film Photography

Honorable Mention:
Nia Allen, Downtown, Digital Photography
Shelby Colson, Better than the Barn, Digital Photography
Leslie Fan, Blur, Film Photography
Rachel Jung, Untitled Z, Film Photography
Rachel Jung, Untitled, Film Photography
Nora Mayer, Key West, Film Photography
Nora Mayer, Cracked Components, Film Photography
Alexandra Popielarski, Wilde, Digital Photography
Mahisha Tanna, Untitled, Digital Photography


Gold Key:
Nia Allen, Self-Portrait, Photography
Leslie Fan, Appear, Photography
Chloe Hain, Lourdes, Photography

Silver Key:
Leslie Fan, Web, Photography
Nora Mayer, Alexandra, Photography

Honorable Mention:
Shelby Colson, Self-Portrait, Digital Art
Leslie Fan, Blur, Photography
Qianqian Li, Long Exposure, Photography
Nora Mayer, Key West Monochrome, Photography
Alexandra Popielarksi, Self-Portrait, Photography


Gold Key:
Grace Stewart, A Meditation on Coming of Age With Great Literature, Writing

Silver Key:
Sarah Wolfe, Brown, Writing
Sarah Wolfe, Against the Electoral College, Writing

Honorable Mention:
Tyrianne Harris, Childhood Memories, Writing
Iris Yoon, The World Like Coins, Writing

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Linden Hall students, faculty, and administration participated in Opportunity House's signature fundraiser, "Souper Bowl." Opportunity House provides shelter to those in need, supportive housing, support for veterans and their families, and more. Those who participated were able to make their own soup bowls, which will be donated to the event. Linden Hall is proud to share with you that we will be donating 60 bowls to the event this year.

Through "Souper Bowl," Opportunity House hopes to raise money to support its mission to bring awareness to the issues of homelessness and hunger within the community. It also hopes to provide a venue wherein the community can connect with the organization, its mission, and each other while participating in the judging of the best soup provided by local talented chefs.

Thank you Nancy Brandi, Class of 1974, for introducing us to this amazing fundraiser! Thanks also to Nora Workman for organizing and working with everyone involved in this project. If you would like to read more about Opportunity House, visit

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