A Girl's Perspective

A Day in the Life
by Carol Ham, Class of 2020

"The silent school bell rings at 3:15 p.m., signaling the end of the school day. Even after a long day of classes, the school building is still buzzing with activity. Academic classrooms hold club meetings, and the lounges are used for catch-up sessions between friends. Students rush through the Annex Hallways to get to sports practices, and Honeycutt bustles with the sound of chatter and microwaving.

After dinner, students spend time laughing and studying in each other's dorm rooms until the dorm parents go around for bed check.

Unlike most other schools, Linden Hall's days are not limited to Monday through Friday. For boarders and day students, every weekend is jam-packed with festivals, concerts, and opportunities for cultural experiences - or opportunities to get food. Boarders ensure their food requirements and standards are met through trips to local eateries in our wonderful little Lititz or in the greater Lancaster County.

Our student body is composed of day students and boarders, both International and domestic. Getting to meet people from all around the world is just part of the Linden Hall experience. We are students who are fortunate enough to say that we are welcomed and accepted into a diverse school filled with strong-minded individuals who support and encourage each other.

The connection felt within the Linden Hall student body is almost tangible. Every sound of laughter, every greeting in the hallway is just a reminder of the tight-knit, supportive school that we pride ourselves in being. We are a small community of different races, upbringings, and beliefs. Still, under all of those layers of diversity, there are common qualities and values of camaraderie and fellowship. The life of a student at Linden Hall is unlike any other."

Fall: A Crisp Breeze and a Fluttering Leaf
by Sarah Wolfe, Class of 2017

Fall is arguably the most beautiful time to be on campus. The trees turn beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. Leaves fall slowly and peacefully through the chilly air. The campus is calm and picturesque, but within the walls there is much hustle and bustle. In the fall, students hit the ground running with PSATs and SATs. Later in October, students take a break from their busy school life and attend Lititz's annual Chocolate Walk. Prospective students visit campus for Open House and Student Visit Days, college fairs, picture day, and Parents' Weekend make October a busy month for everyone.

It is in October that students finally hear the words they have anticipated all month long: "Today is Gretna Day!" A day off from classes to enjoy a trip to Mt. Gretna and skate at the roller rink is always appreciated. The sounds of laughter and chatter fill the arena. As tradition dictates, seniors sing their song and tears are shed as they realize that this will be their last Gretna Day as Linden Hall students.

Community Service: Making the World a Better Place, One Act of Service at a Time
By Tyler Mandrell, Class of 2018

Community service – these words imply people helping others or the environment selflessly. At Linden Hall, community service plays a big role in the lives of students. Every year, each upper school student completes 15 hours of community service, while each middle school student completes 10 hours. Linden Hall encourages students to work outside of our school community in small-town Lititz, urban Lancaster, and other places around the world.

At retirement homes, students volunteer to paint nails, run festivals, play board games, and entertain residents with musical performances. Community service opportunities are also offered through trips over the Fall and Spring breaks. In the fall of 2016, several students and faculty members headed down to New Orleans, Louisiana, to help rebuild homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina ten years earlier.

There are many opportunities for students to reach out to the community and the rest of the world and every student at Linden Hall is proud of her community service efforts.

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