Benefits of an All-Girls' School

An all-girls' education lays the groundwork

The research is clear – girls learn better, achieve more, and are exposed to greater leadership opportunities in an all-girls' school. Compared to girls at co-ed schools, girls who attend an all-girls' school are shown to have higher self-esteem and and a greater sense of self-worth that is founded on factors other than physical appearance.

Additionally, girls who attend single-ex schools achieve higher test scores, are more involved in leadership roles, and spend more time on schoolwork than students at co-educational private and public schools. Young women who attend all-girls' boarding schools report feeling more valued, having a higher satisfaction level, and receiving more attention than their co-educational school peers.

The Girls School Advantage
Our Promise

Where girls are valued and known

"As an academically rigorous community where girls are valued and known...

Linden Hall is a place where girls are valued and known. Here, girls are everything - every part in the school play, every office on Student Council, every position on the team - girls take the lead.

At Linden Hall, we understand girls. Faculty and staff are here to provide encouragement and guidance throughout each girl's individual journey. With the ability to create a personalized education plan, each girl is nurtured to be the best she can be. Every girl at Linden Hall is known by her teachers, her peers, her coaches, and her advisers on a deeper, more personal level than she would be in a co-educational setting.

Curious and independent leaders

...we promise to provide an environment that fosters curious and independent leaders...

At Linden Hall we value curiosity, creativity, independence, and a love of lifetime learning. We provide an environment where girls feel safe to take risks; to lead in bold and powerful ways.

Compassionate global citizens

... who are prepared to contribute as compassionate global citizens."

A Linden Hall girl cares about her environment. She cares about her community - not just the people that surround her everyday, but the global community as well.

With a population of students and teachers from all over the world, a Linden Hall girl is given the opportunity to learn about and immerse herself in other cultures and to form lifelong friendships with girls from across the globe.

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