A Linden Hall Girl is...

Driven, Extraordinary, Fearless.

A Linden Hall education cultivates curiosity and independence, empowering girls to excel academically, explore their individual passions, and develop as the leaders of their generation. Linden Hall is a school where talented and motivated girls thrive. Here, students collaborate with our inspirational faculty in small classes, extracurricular clubs, the arts, athletics, and community service in an environment that is unwaveringly supportive of their goals. Here they find a community that encourages them to take risks and to grow in bold and powerful ways.

Just for Girls

Explore your passions

Linden Hall is a place where girls are supported as they explore their individual interests and passions. From engaging academic coursework to a diverse offering of clubs and activities to competitive sports and riding to visual and performing arts, the options are limitless.

A girl's perspective

"The connection felt within the Linden Hall student body is almost tangible. Every sound of laughter, every greeting in the hallway is just a reminder of the tight-knit, supportive school that we pride ourselves in being."
Carol Ham '20

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Become a Linden Hall girl

Are you a Linden Hall girl?

A Linden Hall girl is curious, independent, thoughtful, and inquisitive. She isn't afraid to take risks, to try something new, to step out of her comfort zone.

Do you want to be a Linden Hall girl?
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Register for an Open House or Student Visit Day

Experience Linden Hall's dynamic academic environment and close-knit community at one of our Open Houses or Student Visit Days. At an Open House, visitors tour our bucolic 49-acre campus on East Main Street in historic Lititz, Pennsylvania, and engage in conversations with our faculty, students, and parents. During Student Visit Days, prospective students entering grades 6-12 can experience a full day as a Linden Hall girl.


FAQs for girls

What are the girls like?

While every Linden Hall girl is unique, they all have one thing in common: they are passionate, curious and independent.

What is it like to live on campus?

For every student at Linden hall, especially our boarding students, our 49-acre campus is their home away from home. Our boarding and day students share in many of the same advantages - interaction with kind, caring, and involved faculty and staff members and the opportunity to form friendships with girls from all over the world.

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Where do graduates go to college?

With a 100% college placement rate, our graduates matriculate to many of our nation's top colleges and universities.

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What is it like to be a day student?

Whether you are a boarding or day student, you will experience an energetic and collaborative environment - in the classroom, on the athletic field or on the stage. Day students are immersed in the culture of the school the same as boarding students.

The only difference between day students and boarding students is where they live and where they are from.

What is there to do on weekends?

Linden Hall's campus is always alive with co-curricular activities of clubs and other organizations. We offer a variety of cultural, educational, and leisure activities with the opportunity to participate in weekend trips to New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

Dances and weekend activities are planned to be safe, educational, healthy, and fun. All activities are open to both day and boarding students.

What are some Linden Hall traditions?

  • A weekly inspirational chapel service where students are given time for quiet reflection and encouraged to share in dialogue with their school family.
  • Convocation (Opening Day Ceremonies)
  • Gretna Day
  • Holiday Vespers
  • Lunar New Year Celebration
  • International Festival
  • Mary Dixon Day
  • Lantern Walk and Graduation Ceremonies

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What opportunities are there to travel?

Travel opportunities at Linden Hall include weekend trips to nearby cities as well as Fall and Spring Break trips (leisure, community service, cultural, and educational) to both U.S. and International destinations. In the past trips have included:
  • Disney World in Orlando, Florida
  • Rebuilding New Orleans service trip
  • San Francisco for community service
  • Skiing in Colorado
  • New England college tour
  • Medical mission trip to Ecuador
  • Exploring Spanish culture across Spain

What about boys?

Linden Hall has a long-standing relationship with several boys' schools in the region. Students participate in joint community service projects and weekend social activities including Homecoming and Prom.

Why should I choose Linden Hall?

In the words of our 2016 Salutatorian:

"The people here are fantastic. They are wonderful and precious. They will love you and support you in your darkest times; your friends will keep you sane as much as they drive you insane. Teachers who care about their subjects, friends who hug you when you cry and do Calculus with you through lunch — these are beautiful things."
Khrystyna Babenko '16

School Profile

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Just for Parents

Innovation in girls education

For over two centuries, Linden Hall has been at the forefront of young women's education. As an institution, the School cuts across many historical eras and reflects many of the most significant events and movements which have helped to shape girls' secondary education in the United States. Throughout the years, Linden Hall has held true to its core mission - to provide an academically rigorous community where girls are valued and known and to prepare girls to assume the leadership roles of their generation.

A parent's perspective

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Life after Linden Hall

Linden Hall girls can be found in almost every corner of the globe - in all 50 states, throughout Europe, China, Russia, Africa, South America, and Central America. Our alumna have gone on to study at some of the top colleges and universities throughout the United States. Their fields of study are diverse and they have entered a wide variety of occupations including foreign relations, mathematics, engineering, and higher education. They are television producers, writers, college presidents, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.

But at the heart of it all, they have one thing in common: they will forever be Linden Hall girls.

Register for an Admission Event

Parents and their daughters have the opportunity to experience Linden Hall's dynamic academic environment and close-knit community together by attending one of our Open House events. During an Open House, visitors may participate in a campus tour, meet with administrators, faculty, as well as current parents and students. During Student Visit Days, prospective students can experience a full day as a Linden Hall girl, getting to know current students and faculty. While your daughter is visiting, parents can explore the Lititz community and experience all Lititz has to offer from eclectic eateries to boutique shopping in the many unique shops on Main Street.


FAQs for Parents

Why a small independent school?

At Linden Hall every girl is valued and known by her teachers, advisors, coaches, and peers. Research shows that students learn better in smaller classes. The personal attention that students receive allows smaller schools to foster a greater sense of community.
Independence offers specific freedoms that contribute to academic success. Independent schools have the freedom to define their own mission, to admit students who are well-matched to the school's mission, define the qualifications for high-quality teachers , to determine their own curriculum and select how to assess student achievement.

This independence has allowed Linden Hall to create the unique identity it has today as a place where girls have the freedom to truly be themselves.

How do families afford Linden Hall?

At Linden Hall, we view education as a partnership between the family and the school. All families are expected to contribute to tuition, however the financial obligation at Linden Hall is unique for each family. Many families receive tuition assistance, merit scholarships, or both.

Why an all-girls' education?

The research is clear – girls learn better, achieve more, and are exposed to greater leadership opportunities in an all-girls' school. Compared to girls at co-ed schools, girls who attend an all-girls' school have higher self-esteem and self-worth that is founded on factors other than physical appearance.

Click here for more information about the benefits of all-girls' education.

Do all Linden Hall students go to college?

100% of Linden Hall graduates go on to study at a college or university. Our girls consistently achieve in the upper echelon with their SAT and AP scores, and are matriculating to many of our nation’s top colleges and universities. Linden Hall has two college counseling professionals whose primary job is to guide girls and families towards the most competitive school emphasizing the best fit for the student.

Click here for more information on the College Counseling process.

How safe is the campus?

Lititz, Pennsylvania is a safe and secure small town with parks, shops, and restaurants just a short walk from campus. Linden Hall employs a 24/7 electronic door system that is only accessible via assigned key cards. In addition, security cameras are monitored throughout the day by both dorm staff and security personnel and each area of the residence halls is overseen by an adult staff member.

What is there for my daughter to do on weekends?

Linden Hall's campus is at the center of everything! Nestled in the quaint, historic town of Lititz, PA, the campus is within one to three hours of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and New York city. This connects students to major metropolitan areas and allows for weekend trips that provide historic , cultural, and artistic enrichment. The School offers many supervised off-campus social activities and excursions. Longer trips are planned over the Fall and Spring breaks to both U.S. and International destinations.

Why a boarding school?

With college on the horizon, preparing a student for independent living is almost as important as teaching her to think independently. Linden Hall offers both 7-day and 5-day boarding options for those students who wish to go home on weekends. A Linden Hall boarding student has the opportunity to form life-long friendships and experience learning and living with students from around the world.

School Profile

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Refer a Student to Linden Hall

Linden Hall now offers a $500 tuition discount to an incoming student who was referred by an alumna. Have a student you would like to refer to Linden Hall? Email the Admissions Office at admissions@lindenhall.org or call (717) 626-8512.

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