This month's Linden Hallmarks in the Lititz Record Express features articles and photos contributed by girls who attended Linden Hall's journalism and creative writing summer camps. The Lititz Record Express has been Lititz's community newspaper since 1877. It is published weekly and is available at newsstands throughout Lititz, PA. The journalism and creative writing camps are open to girls in Middle School (rising 6th, 7th, and 8th graders). Linden Hall will offer both specialty camps as part of the Traditional Camp offerings in Summer of 2017. More information about Summer @ Linden Hall in 2017 will be available on our website at the end of October -

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On Saturday, August 27, Head of School Michael Waylett and sophomore Tahri Phillips visited the studios of WHP-580 News Radio, where they were the featured guests on Women and Investments. The show, hosted by Renee Moro and Rebekah Godlewski of Grandview Asset Management, spotlights women and women's issues with a focus on educating and building women's confidence in personal financial management and planning.

Both Grandview Asset Management and Linden Hall served as sponsors of the Central Penn Business Journal's Women of Influence event held in Harrisburg on June 24, 2016. While on the show, Mr. Waylett spoke about Linden Hall's history of educating and empowering young women and Ms. Phillips talked about her experience as a student at Linden Hall for the past 6 years. The segment begins at 10:24 and ends at 39:40.

Greetings from Linden Hall! I hope you are well and finding time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. While schools never have the same vivacious feel during the summer, it has been a busy few months at Linden Hall and there is much to share with you. I look forward to welcoming our new students to Linden Hall, and I am delighted to announce that, with girls from 26 countries and 14 states, our student population will be even more diverse this upcoming school year.

I would also like to welcome our new faculty and staff members to the Linden Hall family. We are pleased to announce that we have brought our food service operations in-house, and after an extensive search, have hired Maggie Nemeth to be our new Director of Food Services and Executive Chef. Chef Nemeth graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, Arizona, and she comes to Linden Hall with 14 years of experience in both fine and residential dining settings. Most recently, she served as the kitchen and catering manager at Landis Home Retirement Community right here in Lititz, PA. Chef Nemeth has a true passion for creating an atmosphere that emphasizes excellent food, good nutrition, and healthy eating habits.

Ms. Natasha Solomon, our new Dean of Students, has been on campus since the beginning of the month and is quickly acclimating to her new school. In addition to her duties as Dean of Students, Ms. Solomon will be part of our on-campus residential staff and will participate in our new After School Physical Education program (ASPE) as a martial arts instructor.

I am also pleased to announce that Mr. Serhiy Dutchak has joined our mathematics department. A graduate of Brigham Young University and Harvard University, Mr. Dutchak has significant teaching experience, including working for several years at an all-girls school. In his new role, Mr. Dutchak will teach Advanced Placement Statistics, Algebra 2, and Geometry.

As we look forward to the start of a new school year, I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to acknowledge our students' outstanding performance on this past spring's Advanced Placement examinations. Sixty-two students completed 137 exams and 94% earned scores of three or above on at least one exam. (Advanced Placement examinations are scored 1-5 and most colleges/universities award college credit for scores of 3 or above.) Equally noteworthy, of the exams completed, 93% earned scores of 3 or above, including 48% of exams completed with a score of 5. These very impressive results ensure that Linden Hall remains part of a small and elite group of schools who can lay claim to having students who historically perform in the upper echelon on these examinations. More importantly, they are the result of our girls' commitment, tenacity, and talents, as well as a testament to the positive impact our teachers have on their students.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our picnic and convocation ceremony on Friday, August 26th. Girls, for those of you who are returning, your teachers and I miss you and for those who are new, we are excited to welcome you to our school community. Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer break and don't forget your summer reading!

Sincerely yours,

Michael E. Waylett
Head of School

A few weeks ago, following memorable award ceremonies, a poignant lantern walk, and a commencement that provided a fitting tribute to our 41 newest alumnae, our country's oldest independent girls' school closed its 270th session. And, so began for our girls and their teachers a much deserved summer respite – a break from the daily life that is Linden Hall. We ask a great deal of our students and, at every turn, they impress us with their talents, tenacity, thoughtfulness, and unwillingness to be taciturn in their beliefs.

As I participated in these special end-of-year events, I was often reminded of the adoration our girls have for Linden Hall, particularly their sisters and teachers, and the many ways they believe their school has positively impacted their lives. In her address at graduation, Salutatorian Khrystyna Babenko stated:

"The people here are fantastic. They are wonderful and precious. They will love you and support you in your darkest times; your friends will keep you sane as much as they drive you insane. Teachers who care about their subjects, friends who hug you when you cry and do Calculus with you through lunch — these are beautiful things."

As we look forward to the upcoming school year, we can take solace in and be proud of all that we accomplished during the recently completed school year. Attrition is at an all-time low, we have diversified our student body and next year our students will hail from 25 countries – an impressive figure that few schools can tout, we set a record level of unrestricted giving, we reconnected and strengthened our ties with many of our alumnae, and I, personally, met with the Presidents of five regional colleges/universities. Most importantly, our girls continue to achieve in the upper echelon with their SAT and AP scores, are matriculating at many of our nation's top colleges/universities and, along with their academic accomplishments, they are talented musicians, artists, thespians, and athletes.

I met recently with the family of a prospective student whose grandfather asked why Linden Hall? Resisting the temptation to share our impressive statistics – SAT and AP scores, college placement record, and the place we occupy as one of our country's top independent schools – I chose to focus on the special relationships that exist between our students and their teachers and the benefits of a Linden Hall education.

While a long-standing hallmark of independent schools is the special bond between students and their teachers, Linden Hall sets the standard by which, I believe, others are judged. Whether enjoying a dinner at the Head of School's home, meeting twice a week with their advisors, attending daily academic help sessions, or participating in student-led community forums, Linden Hall students are part of a school where, as stated in our Promise Statement, every girl is valued and known.

Michael E. Waylett
Head of School

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